kari herer: polka dots

when it comes to patterns, i’m fiercely loyal to the stripe and polka dot. i don’t think i’ve ever met a polka dot i didn’t like, so i was especially happy to see an email from kari herer in my inbox about her new polka dot series. kari recently released a new series of photographs featuring ranunculuses shot on a cheerful dotted background. there are five different styles to choose from, each available for $20 right here. thanks, kari!


ranunculus look like they are made from layers and layers of carefully placed tissue paper-i just love them so much-they are impossibly beautiful.


I agree! I love polka dots,stripes, flowers and bight colors! All make me very happy! Beautiful pictures!


What a beautiful way to start the week! Thank you so much!


Aw, I carried a huge bouquet of ranunculus at my wedding, so they always make me feel sentimental. These photos are lovely!!


Love the bright orange flowers in the photography! They are just absolutely pretty ^-^