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icff 2010 trends: wood + metal

by Grace Bonney

getting through 400 pictures for both the national stationery show and icff is proving to take a little bit longer than i thought, so i’m going to be posting a few final trend stories next week. but to keep the trade fair coverage going, i wanted to share some more beautiful pieces from icff this morning, starting with gorgeous wooden and metal designs. i always have a soft spot for wooden furniture and the warmth it brings to a room- especially when made well and finished with something that really lets the natural wood color shine. so this morning i’m kicking things off with 15 of my favorite wooden and metal designs from the show- enjoy! [image above: a beautiful chair from the diesel/future perfect booth]

[image above: i LOVED this wooden screen from rock paper robot. the pattern was actually burned into the surface]

[image above: i’ll take one of these, please. a beautiful wooden sofa from shimna. the upholstery was designed by shimna as well]

[image above: fantastic furniture from christian woo, a great designer who made his icff debut this year]

CLICK HERE for 11 more designs from this year’s ICFF after the jump!

[image above: another beautiful piece from christian woo]

[images above: metal gun coat rack by ben huggins]

[image above: cool modern toilet paper holders by michael liu from pratt, for umbra]

[image above: pendant lights by argentinian designer marcelo dabini of weplight– thanks amy!]

[image above: furniture and silhouette by shimna]

[images above: wooden furniture and boxes (with felt) by zoe mowat]

[images above: oh to end the day with a soak in one of these wooden bath tubs – the ofuro wood soaking tub designed by matteo thun for rapsel.]

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