icff 2010 trends: inspired by nature (part 1)

last week i went through a slew of trends that i saw at ICFF (circles, facets + organic shapes, wood + metal, fun textures + shapes) and today i’m wrapping things up with a two part post on my favorite trend: design inspired by nature. i’ve picked 15 of my favorite pieces, so i hope you’ll stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow! [image above: build-able birds at the designboom mart]

[images above: some of my favorite pieces from the show- plastic goose traffic cones, inspired by chicago’s geese. by michael savona]

[image above: i wanted this plastic and metal bunny ring by hao shi so badly]

[image above: glass and leather animal head at the esque booth]

[image above: beetle-shelves at the amaridian booth]

CLICK HERE for the rest of the nature-inspired designs at ICFF after the jump!

[images above: beautiful jellyfish-like chandeliers at the amaridian booth]

[image above: bird sculpture at the jonathan adler booth]

[image above: jungle inspired wallpaper from flavor paper]

[image above: wooden owls by matt pugh]

[image above: i loved this sweet tree shelf from designArtist Soh]

[image above: beautiful hand-silkscreenedlinen reindeer fabrics and wallpapers from lindsay alker of england]

[image above: beautiful botanical-inspired rugs by brooklyn’s amy helfand]


Grace, you have such a great eye for these things! I ADORE the ethereal jellyfish chandeliers–they are very other worldly.


I almost bought one of hao shi’s rings too! I also loved the cork bowl that another vendor was selling right beside her, but they weren’t at their table when I passed by..


Love this! Especially the top one – birds and the tree – delightful! Those wooden owls are a hoot ;)


Ooh! Seriously wanting one of Amy Helfand’s rugs – gorgeous!

agnes szucs

so many beautiful things!
i’m still not tired of owls… they’re so great… an the tree shelf is lovely, too.


Oh Jonathan Adler… just take my checkbook! Wonderful pix, wish I could have gone!


Oh my gosh…Lindsay Alker’s silkscreened linens…..I think my eyes are rolling into the back of my head! So beautiful……

And those ‘jellyfish’ chandeliers are exquisite.

And I love the beetle shelves! And the jungle wallpaper….ahh…..




the jump is the point at which the post stops and continues after the “CLICK HERE” link. because i don’t want people to have to scroll forever for long posts i often break up long posts (like this one) so you can get a good preview and then click deeper into the post to read more.



Any information on how/where to purchase the build-able birds and tree in the first photo? That design just blows me away….Thanks!