icff 2010: the final roundup

today if my final icff post, wrapping things up with 20 of my favorite pieces from the show, including a beautiful retro bathtub, gorgeous textiles, wallpaper, and much more. thanks for tuning in for all of this year’s trends. if you missed any this week, here’s a wrap up: inspired by nature pt 1, inspired by nature pt 2, fun textures + shapes, wood + metal, facets + organic shapes, circles.

[images above: beautiful new wallpapers by deborah bowness that bring the art and books to the room for you]

[image above: i loved these flat pak metal bike baskets from mio]

[images above: i loved these colorful handprinted textiles from emamoke ukelegh]

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[images above: beautiful textiles and wallpaper from julie jenkinson]

[image above: these lights looked like normal tubes until you touch them and they fold up in your hand. so cool! lights by materialise]

[images above: great bikes by public]

[image above: i loved this small, self-contained storage unit in the german design section]

[images above: a great mixed dresser and copper-leaf armoire from boca do lobo]

[image above: a russian nesting doll wall installation from russian design students]

[image above: this image is blurry, but i tried to snag it as i was running home. i loved the retro feel to this tub and the mint wall color behind it. tub by lefroy brooks]

[image above: colorful alpaca blankets at jonathan adler‘s booth]

[imahe above: convertible chair/bassinet from lunar]

[image above: i loved the embroidery on this chair]


I was at the ICFF on Saturday but there are some pieces that I did not see! This is great to be able to catch all those gems that I missed and save the images! Thanks!!


The bike baskets are cool, more my style than the wicker.

Love that dressers various drawers, genius.


love the tub!the curve would be so comfy to put your arms over while you’re in there.


I love the way those baskets look, but they are so open. You would almost need to line them with a bag to keep the contents from falling out as you ride.


Is it sad that I want to know where the red bag in the first picture is from?