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icff 2010: facets + organic shapes

by Grace Bonney

i’ve slowly been plowing through the 450 photos i took at icff, breaking things into trends and highlights from the show. yesterday i focused on all the circles i saw everywhere, and today i’m touching on two opposing trends i noticed: hard angled faceted pieces and soft, organic, flowing shapes. i’m talking about both in this post so i hope you’ll check out the full post to see some of the gorgeous organic shapes at the show- like a beautiful cloud lamp on stilts. [image above: beautiful red faceted table from materialise]

[image above: nemu storage units by sahar ghaheri of pratt]

[images above: amazing book lights from myungseo kang]

[image above: a beautiful wooden lamp by elisa strozyk (thanks for the name tip, guys!)]

CLICK HERE for 20 more examples of the facts and organic shapes around this year’s ICFF! (be sure to check out the adorable cloud lamp on stilts)!

[image above: faceted pedant lamps from the diesel home / future perfect booth]

[image above: faceted table from rock paper robot]

[image above: colorful rug from malene b]

[image above: mirrors from esque in portland]

[image above: expanding bench with faceted cloth connecting the wooden sections from myungseo kang]

[image above: supercluster lamp from the roll & hill brooklyn booth, by sarah cihat and michael miller]

[image above: faceted metal stools by lerival]

[image above: shelves from brooke woosley at the bernhardt design student section]


[image above: beautiful glass and leather terrariums from esque that seemed to drip from the ceiling]

[image above: inspired by organic forms, these lamps from kenneth cobonpue were beautiful]

[image above: glass lighting from lindsey adelman]

[image above: an incredible lighting installation from LZF lamps]

[image above: cloud stilt lamp from abovo booth]

[image above: red chair from emilia borgthorsdottir in the bernhardt design section]

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