icff 2010: circles

this week i’m going to be breaking down icff coverage by trends i noticed, whether it was based on shape, texture, or style. today i’m kicking things off with something i found myself noticing after i processed all of my images: circles galore! the past few shows have felt very focused on angular or faceted shapes (they were still there, more on them tomorrow) but i noticed a trend towards round shapes popping up in both wallpaper and furniture. so today i’ll be sharing 20 of my favorite round designs, ranging from turn tables and rugs to lighting and grand paper installations. enjoy! [image above: wooden george washington light by rough and perfect]

[beautiful one-of-a-kind recycled telephone wire sculpture by Zenzulu]

[image above: beaver light by rough and perfect]

[image above: tables by patricia urquiola]

[image above: tonearm table/sculptures by wang jin sheng]

[image above: private cloud bed (it rocks!) by m kloker]

[image above: mirror by boco do lobo]

CLICK HERE for more circular design from ICFF after the jump!

[image above: dana barnes‘ rugs and floor tiles were GORGEOUS in person]

[image above: hanging circular chairs at the amaridian booth]

[image above: new wallpapers from amy butler for graham & brown]

[image above: i loved this dramatic light from materialise]

[image above: circular floral print wallpaper by miss print]

[image above: adorable circular wooden stools from shimna]

[image above: another beautiful one-of-a-kind recycled telephone wire sculpture by Zenzulu]

[image above: beautiful paper sculptures by molo]

[image above: colorful circular rugs by malene b]

[image above: outdoor furniture at icff. i’m missing this designer’s name so i’ll add it asap!]

[image above: colorful circles in the herman miller booth]

[image above: i loved this sort of melancholy looking fox light from rough & perfect.]

Poppy Cottage Studio

love the lighted GW…father of our country…and the fun=fresh design gone wild and colorful.
Decor rocks!! always some inspiration to take away here…


OH MAN!!!!! :( this is seriously one of the main things I miss about living in NY was getting to go to this for the last 4 years!!! ohhhhhhhhh…. ;/

Sasha K.

The telephone wire sculpture is amazing! And that rocking bed looks so cool. But I’m not sure I could sleep on it.


I love ICFF!!! That bed if FABULOUS and I want it!!! Loving the circle theme!

Courtney Fikri

Hi! I just wanted to make a small correction. The telephone wire sculptures in the Amaridian Booth are actually from Zenzulu, not Ronel Jordann. Ronel did the beautiful hand felted chair just below the white Zenzulu sculpture. Thanks!



oh! thanks, that seems like odd placement for them to put his name RIGHT under the sculpture, no?



No one appreciates a circle like I do. When I started painting mandalas 5 or 6 years ago, my local framing studio referred to me as “the circle lady” as I repeatedly returned for circle matte cutting. I love that you appreciate no beginning, no end and all encompassing. I even named my blog “Circle Everything.” Let’s hear it for the circle!


Those wire sculptures are absolutely amazing. Thought they were real flowers at 1st glance. Not too sure on the rocking bed. I see myself waking in a crumpled heap against the headboard, the foot of the bed up in the air.

Alison Daykin

It’s really interesting that someone else has used the “spirograph” image as part of a design. I used a slice of it, in 2008, for a woven fabric collection I presented at 100% Design in London!


This must be a good trend – showing softening of pressure, may be?
The side tables at the image without name remind me of Urquiola’s FatFat series, but I have not heard of a new addition to it yet.