happy and colorful: miss print + alison corrie

my excitement for icff this weekend is building, and i’m especially excited to see the new prints and wallpapers from miss print in the uk. miss print is debuting some great new dandelion wallpaper, along with other designs, and i’m sure they’ll all be a big hit. if you’re visiting icff you can see these prints in person saturday through tuesday, or click here to check out their website.

when it comes to things i normally post, stuffed animals or plush dolls are rarely on my list. i’ve never been a huge stuffed animal person, and because we don’t have children yet i just don’t see the need to surround myself with them- they’re just not my thing. but for some reason when i saw these stuffed and hand screen printed pillows from alison corrie at etsy i was hooked. i’m not sure i really have an excuse to buy one per se, but i love the way the look- the prints on them have such a sweet, playful sense of line and i love all of the patterned fabric on their backs. added bonus? you can get a cute custom-made name tag to attach to them. they’d make a great baby shower gift or birthday gift for a little one. click here to check out alison’s full collection and shop online (pillows range from $15-$40).

Sarah Jonsgaard

Thanks so much for the post on Miss Print. I have such a hard time finding wallpaper that I like and this is exactly what I have been looking for. I love the mustard yellow flowers on the mobile print.


I think those “stuffed animals” would be great details among sofa cushions – just like the creatrix imagines.

Mallory - Miss Malaprop

I discovered Alison Corrie’s work recently and I fell in love immediately too! I posted about it on my blog a week or two ago – I think her drawings are just so interesting. I love those wallpaper prints too, great choice!


Totally buying some of those animal print pillows. Perfect for both my mom who loves penguins and my friend who is decorating her nursery with animals and is an artist herself. Thanks for posting! (I personally love stuffed animals, but do not yet collect them).

Sarah G.

The silk-screened pillows are incredible! They are so detailed, but the contrast with the light fabric makes them so bold, too.

Erica Schwartz

I have allison’s penguin & it’s absolutely adorable. I love her animals. When I have a reason to get an animal for my neice, I’m going back. The penguin is for me.


Love the animals, but wondering if the bit below the purchase information is left over from an e-mail. Seems a bit out of place…

fashion prose

Oh, these are so adorable. I love, love, love printed wallpaper.

I was obsessed with the Lene Toni Kjeld wallpapers at Hermitage for a while. Can’t afford though :(