hand printed posters + facet lamps

when it comes to hable construction, they can do no wrong in my book. year after year they create beautiful, cheerful fabric and home accessories and i find myself wishing i could afford each and every piece. so when i heard about their beautiful new hand printed posters i wasn’t surprised that i instantly found one i needed. designed by susan hable smith, each of hable’s limited edition signed art prints is hand-printed and available right here for a limited time. the prints come in 8 different styles, each for $185. hable also has some pretty new handprinted cotton linen pillows available in a summery allium print here and here. i can’t decide which one i like better, the coral or the citrus color….

and, since i talked about facets at ICFF last week (more trade show trends are coming up tomorrow), i wanted to share these great facet lamps from designer brendan ravenhill. the lights are derived from the manufacturing process of bent sheet metal construction and can be spot welded or flat packed with magnets for the final shape. i really love the magnet idea- it’s always fun to feel like you have some tiny impact on the way things come together. click here for more info on brendan’s facet lamps and the rest of his collection. thanks, brendan!


Love the pendant lamps. Love this site and would love to know if the white brick featured on the lighting photo above, is real or faux? If faux…where can I find it??
thanks :o)


I am always a HUGE fan of Hable’s work… and these prints are no exception! Thanks for sharing them with us, Grace!


these lamps are type slick !! and c’mon faux brick !??

Rina Bernabei

I am very concerned about the promotion of these lamps as they seem to be to “similar “to our seams ligts which were designed and exhibited in 2007……is this just coincidence….



they’re definitely similar, but for me, they’re part of a trend i’ve been seeing in lighting for a while (flat pak, facets, etc.)- perhaps inspired by your pieces in 2007 (which i believe we covered). but if you have an issue with these i’d suggest contacting the designer. if there’s a legal ruling made i’m happy to update the post, but until then they’ll stand as is.