fine little day: from blog to design platform

wow! this just came in my inbox and i was so excited and surprised i had to add a last minute post in between my normal 8 and 9am posts today. the lovely elisabeth dunker of fine little day has transformed her blog into a fantastic shop where she now showcases and sells a range of beautiful designs- including some amazing wallpaper designs by her 8 year old son, otto! elisabeth hopes to collaborate with artists in the future, but as of today, the new fine little day shop is open and ready for business. click here to check it out!

*click here to check out elisabeth’s adorable home on d*s

Mandeep Khunkhuna

The mountain wallpaper design is great. I really like handdrawn look that it gives. I think its really great that people have started to experiment with the way that they use wallpaper. This has also spread onto the web, as in web design we can see the same sort of patterns that appear on wallpaper as the backgrounds on websites. You could say that we are starting to use website wallpaper.