d*s desktop wallpaper for may: amy ruppel!

i seriously can’t believe that it’s already may (where has the first half of the year gone??) but i’m excited that it means it’s time for a new d*s desktop wallpaper! this month we’re being treated to a beautiful water-themed wallpaper from one of my favorite people around: amy ruppel. amy’s work always makes me smile and this cool, serene underwater wallpaper is perfect for the early days of summer. amy has given us versions of her wallpaper with and without calendars so i hope you’ll be able to choose an option that’s right for your screen. thank you so much to amy for donating her time, and beautiful artwork, this month!

CLICK HERE to download amy’s wallpapers on the desktop wallpaper page!


It’s really only been a third of the year so far.


thanks for the correction, dude. wouldn’t want anyone to get confused…



yay! i love when it’s time for a new calender… thanks for doing this!


Just today I went in search of a new desktop with a May calendar. I found some great choices at smashing magazine (http://tiny.cc/52gxj), but love this one and have to change it immediately! Thanks for the beautiful designs.


pretty cute.. but for some reason I can’t bring myself to change my Michael Jackson wall paper that I’ve had for months.

I miss Michael..


this is so good i like so much thanks amy


Love this wall paper– I am a water sign and all things of the ocean touch a special spot.. AND—– Please, please,, don’t alarm me with statements like where did the first half of the year go?!!!! ;) It is only the first third gone!– and I need as much of the rest of the year that I can grab to catch up…..I am so behind!! I feel like it is still January, except for the whole 90 degree, high humidity thing we have going on…. You always get me smiling in the morning, Thanks!


could you make some wallpaper small enough to put on ye old iphone/itouch?
That would be awesome!
I’m new to the iphone world so maybe its not possible or you already do…?