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diy project: samantha’s faux-suzani pillow how-to

by Grace Bonney

this fun faux-suzani project comes from samantha baldwin from the new york examiner. inspired by a suzani shown on the home of elle decor, samantha decided to create her own budget friendly faux-suzani pillow using felt. she was kind enough to share the full tutorial with us here today and i’m excited to see the color combinations people try! thanks, samantha! [all images courtesy of samantha baldwin]

CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump!

For this project you will need the following materials:

* A 24″ square pillow form. (A smaller pillow can be used but you will have to adjust the templates accordingly. )
* A 24″ square solid color pillow cover (a felt cover would be optimal).

[Instructions for making this pillow cover are posted here]

* White felt, at least 22 inches square (or another color of your choice)
* Fuchsia felt, at least 10 inches square (or color of your choice)
* Pink felt, at least 10 inches square (or color of your choice)
* Yellow felt, about 10 inches square. (or color of your choice)
* Fabric glue (fusible web interfacing can be used as an alternative)
* A piece of paper at least 22 inches square.

Download and print the following templates and follow the instructions in each article for creating your felt pieces.

* Make a suzani circle motif
* Make a large suzani flower motif
* Make a medium suzani flower motif


Center the medium (pink) suzani flower in the center of the large (fushia) suzani flower and adhere with fabric glue.

Find the center point of your pillow front and glue the large flower so that it is centered on the pillow.

Place the suzani circle (white) around the flower and center. Fold over half of the circle and apply glue.

Lay the circle back down and adhere to pillow cover. Do the same with the second half of the white circle.

Place one small pink flower and two yellow flourishes in each corner of the pillow. Glue down each piece.

Allow the glue to dry.

Set the pillow up to see if any edges need more glue.

You are finished. Enjoy your custom pillow!

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