dia living

when it comes to kitchen textiles, i’ve always been more of a “bright! colorful! pattern!” type of girl. textiles are my place to experiment and take risks with color and bold patterns, so it’s rare that i’m drawn to neutrals. but these beautiful rugs, blankets, tea towels, pillows, and kitchen towels from dia living really caught my eye. dia living supports low-income artisans from emerging regions and sells some of their incredible handmade textiles. their collection of work from morocco, ethiopia, afghanistan, turkey and india are simply beautiful. right now i’ve got my eyes on the linen pillows, but there’s a huge range of pieces to choose from, including beautiful kitchen towels (they look like beautiful scarves!) that would look gorgeous in almost anyone’s kitchen. click here for more info and to shop dia living online. thanks, sumeera and nadia!

The Postage Service

Don’t tell, but I rarely click on the ads here, but I saw one for this company the other day and it really caught my eye. Thank goodness! ‘Cause it speaks to all the sensibilities of my evolving tastes. Thanks for putting them in their proper place, a post!



which one? do you mean the ads that run in between posts? we don’t run ads in posts here…


Catherine Kerton-Johnson

Somehow these muted colours just feel right in the summer. With everything coming alive outside and the bright sunshine, sometimes our senses need a restful place inside our homes to cool down and recover.


Coinkidink? I just blogged about this company yesterday! … and featured the same products. We must share the same good taste. ;)
I even exchanged e-mails with Sumeera and Nadia, who told me they now subscribe to my blog. Really sweet people!



i have in writing from nadia and sumeera that they hadn’t been covered online before, so i’m sorry for the overlap. i try not to overlap content as much as humanly possible but sometimes people aren’t always honest. :(



Oh, Grace, I hope I didn’t sound annoyed, I was actually elated to see this company getting some d*s exposure! No worries, at all. :)


these are so beautiful. i understand whatcha mean, about loving the brighter things. the simplicity in these pieces are what stands out the most. just stunning.