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tuffet stool + acapulco chair + french double ring

before we jump into today’s before & afters i wanted to share some submissions that came through earlier this week. first up are this adorable stacking stool from kirsty at purewhyte. the “tuffet” stool is made from a series of colorful green stacking units that allow you to raise and lower the seat height depending on your needs. i always love adjustable furniture and i love the way the colors fade from darker to lighter green- they remind me of delicious french macarons. click here and here for more info. thanks, kirsty!

next up are these colorful hand-made acapulco chairs from sam bargetz of loadingdock5 architecture, in collaboration with maya from le grenier (click here to see her home!). this made-in-brooklyn version is available in a wide range of colors and will be available through greenpoint works. thanks, sam!

last but not least, i had to share thing ring i’m obsessing over. it was designed by pratt student ah-young oh who was inspired by the portraits of renaissance nobles (namely the braided hairstyles and powdered wigs of women from the time). the ring is made from plated sterling silver, gypsy set cubic zirconia, and silk and is just stunning. for me, it reminded me of my very first visit to pratt back in 2006 when i met kiel mead and saw his knot ring. thought i know the two aren’t connected, for me this is like a great full circle pratt-knot-ring theme and a continuation of the great jewelry designers coming from pratt. thanks, angeline and ah-young!

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I think the ring is great too, but they didn’t wear powdered wigs during the renaissance… It was during Baroque and Rococo, you know, Marie Antoinette and all that.


Small world! I was visiting New York last weekend & went to Le Grenier. I sat in some of these chairs in their yard out back & I can vouch for how comfortable they are!


Ah, those Mexican chairs! I see them everywhere down here in mehico, and love them dearly. An even better version is the same chair on rockers!


Although, ha, I spoke too soon, $350 is a big price for what is at heart a purposefully basic chair. You could fly to Mexico and take one back for very nearly the same cost. But still, I think it’s cool they’re making them.

Hopefully people will get the lazy, stick-it-next-to-the-hammock-and-have-a-coconut feeling from sitting in them.


hi guys

good to keep in mind that these are handmade- even if you get them in mexico it might be good to keep in mind if the people making them in either country are being paid fairly for their time.



good point, grace
may I also add that imported Acapulco chairs retail for $500 here in the US!


How much is the ring by ah-young-oh? Where can you by it? Thanks!!



it’s $1380, available via custom order. i was posting this more as inspiration as i’m pretty sure that’s over our average reader’s pricepoint, but if you want to order, you can email the artist here: aohx AT pratt DOT edu



that ring is elegant and unique. anything under $2000 is a runaway bargain.


But.. is Bargetz taking credit for the Acapulco chair? I hope not, it would be quite unethical to take credit for something that a piece of “modern folk art design” that has been around for at least 50 years in Mexico…



i don’t see bargetz taking credit for anything other than their handmade version. i think they’re pretty aware that it’s a classic design.


Nia Bassett

I LOOOOOOVE the Acapulco Chair!!! Thank you, thank you for posting this. I wish I could get it for cheaper since obviously more than one = more fun but I understand the price you have to pay for handmade.

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