‘charming’ door chain + destination: portugal

before this week i hadn’t heard of dundee university, but over the past two days i’ve found myself really enjoying a number of pieces emailed in by dundee’s graduating class of product designers. this clever product design comes from graduating student natalie montgomery, who thought to accessorize an area of the home that’s probably always overlooked: door chains. because they’re primarily for security door chains aren’t something people normally jump to when they think “how can i add some detail to my home?”, but natalie has thought of a clever way to add interesting detail in an unexpected place. her “charming” door chain charms are laser-cut pewter pieces that resemble everyday household items like an umbrella, newspaper, telephone, keys, plugs, and a shopping basket. each charm can act as a reminder to say, stop by the grocery store (the shopping basket) or bring an umbrella to work because of rain. i’d love to see this fully realized in a product line, but think natalie is off to a great start with this unexpected idea. click here to read more about her work on her blog.

over at the moma store, their team is celebrating the launch of a new regional design collection: destination portugal. the new collection of home and personal products is full of color and one of my favorite materials right now: cork. i picked a few of my favorites above, but you can view the full collection right here. thanks, doug!

[images above, clockwise from top left: minho book $24.95, paint necklace $55, cork tea cups $10 each, 12 cards $18, sugar/creamer pots $12 each, cork teapot $25 (love this!), tile coasters $32, cork umbrella $165, storage jar $38]


The door chain is super cute. But, really, do we need to embellish a door chain? I have the same feeling about those goggles that are meant to be worn while cutting onions. Or, a margarita maker…you mean a blender? Others have nothing and we are embellishing door chains?


love the teapot and mugs! i was at moma just last week and didn’t see these in the store (otherwise they’d be souvenirs :D)

Kimberly Lewis

I am so happy to see Portuguese design being featured! I am in the beginning stages of developing a product line with a company from Portugal and this coverage excites me!


I’m proud to be Portuguese. Congratulations to show this small peace of Europe!


Thank you for showing this.
I`m portuguese you know!! :)