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brimfield 2010: my favorite finds

by Grace Bonney

on monday i’m going to walk you through some of the trends we saw at brimfield this year (some expected, some not) along with some tips from our favorite people we saw at the show, but first i wanted to share an edited selection of my favorite finds from the show. they didn’t really fit into a trend roundup, so i thought i’d share them instead so you can see how i viewed the show, and which pieces made me stop, smile, and take a picture. oh man, if i’d had a few extra (hundred) dollars in my pocket, i would have picked up so many of these. one day…until then, here are 25 of my favorite pieces from the show (ranging from weather vanes and terrariums to vintage scrolls and binoculars)! i hope you’ll enjoy this little dose of eye candy as much as i did earlier this week. [images above: vintage thread spools, amy in my favorite raccoon mask, vintage shoe stretchers, a set of thonet chairs (painted yellow), vintage wooden spools, i wanted this cast iron rabbit so badly]

[image above: i’m still kicking myself for not getting one of these gorgeous french cafe chairs. man, i should have gotten one.]

[image above: these antique scrolls were so beautiful and dramatic]

[image above: except for the price tag, this was all but mine. but the $1k+ cost was a little (ok, a lot) out of my range]

[image above: i’d never seen this type of blue enamel jewelry before- this locket was so beautiful]

[image above: the swivel locket in the middle was my favorite- one side was a cameo and one said was a stamped date for a class ring! that totally beats the class rings my high school was offering]

[image above: i’m not sure if this was actually a shower head, but i wish it was mine. how gorgeous would this be for an outdoor shower?]

[image above: these guys seemed happy to meet our traveling group of girls]

CLICK HERE for 18 more of my favorite brimfield finds after the jump!

[images above: i wish i had a backyard for all the vintage gates i kept seeing. they were so beautiful. they’d also work on the inside of a home, hanging on the wall, if you’re lucky enough to have a wall that big. or perhaps as a striking headboard?]

[images above: spool tables are always a favorite- and these two were too cute to pass up]

[image above: i grew up with an aunt and uncle who owned a beautiful home in martha’s vineyard. it used to have a weather vane on top and whenever i see a nautical-themed weather vane i remember family vacations and the long drive up from virginia. the house is gone and our family is in edenton, nc now, but weather vanes always make me remember summer trips to edgartown]

[image above: this was the vintage linen shop where i bought my pillowcase. i could have stayed in this booth ALL DAY. giant comfy pillows and beautiful stitching? what’s not to love?]

[image above: i love these canopy chairs and always associate them with kelly wearstler’s design for the BG restaurant. so chic]

[image above: if i ever decide to start a dessert blog, i know what name i’ll be using.]

[image above: speaking of dessert, these tall ice cream cones were so playful. and the garden center in front of it? i. want. one.]

[image above: i’m pretty sure these planters were made from old propane tanks- but they were so cute!]

[image above: i’m not sure what this caged roll-top piece was originally used for, but it was gorgeous]

[image above: i almost bought one of thee pretty state maps- i loved the detailing at the top]

[image above: garden stands are a constant favorite of mine- this one on the left would be so pretty on a small garden patio.]

[image above: amy and i kept spotting beautiful riding boots around the show- too bad they were all men’s sizes. drats.]

[image above: i wanted these antique binoculars but couldn’t think of a reason i really needed them. double drats.]

[image above: jenny lind bed! jenny lind bed! if i wasn’t married i’d be sleeping in one of these right now. but they’re not really the sort of thing that screams comfort to ac. understandably, but i’ll always want one of these. hope our first child enjoys his/hers]

[image above: this antique backgammon set was stunning.]

[image above: these arm lights attached to wooden blocks were so beautiful. i wish i had a great big desk that would work with this]

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  • you. are. killing. me. wanted to go yesterday and couldn’t. those chairs. OH those chairs.
    psst: when you want a jenny lind, let me know there are a zillion up here.

  • Look at all of those treasures! Almost as good as my fantasy of buying an old house and discovering a secret room full of awesome antique furniture and textiles.

    My mom and I talked about going and then our plans fizzled. Next year!

  • i will be making it to round two at Brimfield… and this whole post gave me pure joyful anxiety!
    can’t wait for some wonderful finds!

  • I thought by looking at all the lovelies you found I would feel better about not actually going (get to see the goods without being tempted to buy!) but instead I’m kicking myself for missing it!! Great finds!

  • I’ve always wondered about Brimfield. I heard there’s great stuff, but no deals. And $1k for that pretty thing is leading me to believe my sources are right.

    Is that what you found?

    • julia

      there are definitely deals! amy got a great score on her blanket and some amazing vintage boxes. you just have to look and haggle- and get there RIGHT when the fields open.


  • oh i’m so excited! i have that whale weathervane on the top of my house. we just finished a huge renovation and my uncle (who is a boat captain) sent it to us as a house warming gift. I’m pretty sure we’re one of the only houses in Atlanta with a weathervane, but that makes it all the more hilarious.

  • I have been going to Brimfield, for the past 7 years. I think there are deals, but you have to be educated about your purchases and be able to recognize a find from a fake.

  • My 4-yr-old daughter sleeps in that Jenny Lind bed! It was mine as a little girl and I’m so happy my mom kept it. Had to have a mattress specially made…but so worth it.

  • we have a similar huge outdoor antique show happening in toronto in a couple of weeks. these images made me excited and also reminded me to start saving my money!

  • Is the show worth coming for Los Angeles to find treasure? Please somebody let me know. Enjoy the canopy chair…….

  • We went to Brimfield last year. What a great time — so much to see — and so much to drool about owning. I got a couple of deals (I think)! Can’t wait to go there again.

  • Sundays are also decent. There are far fewer dealers. Yet the ones that are there are still there really want to move their goods. No dealer wants to go home with a full truck.

  • Portia, if you live in Los Angeles, I would say that you don’t need to travel to Brimfield. We have the Rose Bowl flea, Long Beach flea, and Santa Monica flea every month with great stuff. Yes, you do have to be willing to sift through some of the junk. I got a terrarium nearly identical to the one in this post for only $150 at Rose Bowl flea!

    • greta

      all those flea markets are amazing, but i would add that brimfield has a very distinctly new england feel that i haven’t seen at other fleas across the country. good to remember if you happen to like that particular style :)


  • These are fabulous. I’m so glad I saw this post — I forgot Brimfield was this week and almost missed it. I’m going to have to plan a hasty field trip – though I’m lucky to be close enough to be able to do that.

  • I want those blue chairs. Not sure how I would manage to get them back to Sweden though. Fleemarkets are dangerous

  • No joke… everything in these pictures are just delectable! If only I could get my hands on some of these things…

  • Thanks for sharing. I’ve always wanted to go to Brimfield and this is the next best thing!

  • Great finds! I was at Brimfield as well, and swooned over the booth with the lamp in your last picture. He had a few of them — all gorgeous.

  • It’s unflattering how jealous I am of you lot over in the US . sigh… Those gates! Beautful.

  • I just received a blue enamel locket very similar to the one you posted! It has been in my family for five generations, and I just received it as a graduation gift. Mine also has five grey pearls, but is smaller and with a different design on the front.

    • marilyn

      brimfield is a huge antiques/fleamarket show that happens in brimfield, mass 3 times a year. just follow the links in the post above for more info :)


  • so funny! i was there on thursday and saw many of the same things! couldn’t stop think about how fun those giant ice cream cones would be in a playroom… the 9 by Design team would have had so. much. fun. with those!

    oh, and spool beds! OBSESSED! i got one for $7 at a church fair and just refinished it- SO cute.

  • Hi can anyone give me any info on the terrarium in the picture, i have been trying to research these and this pic is the only one i have found the same as myn, i have one with a little bamage and the bottom platform isnt there amyone know anything about them? im in the uk, thansk in advance for any info on them, sarahroper@msn.com