bklyn designs 2010: part 3

this morning i’m reporting from chilly brimfield, massachusetts, where amy and i are getting ready to hit the fair and see what sort of fun antiques and vintage finds we can rummage up to use for d*s projects. i’ll be posting pictures from our trip soon, but before i get ahead of myself i wanted to head back to brooklyn, for the third installment of my bklyn designs coverage (part 1 is here, part 2 is here). today i’m starting with one of my favorite design teams (every year, without fail), uhuru.

this year uhuru debuted their “coney island” collection- a series of furniture both inspired by and made from the iconic beach destination. jason from uhuru explained that they were able to salvage pieces of the actual coney island boardwalk (which was made from ipe) and work with the natural colors of the underside of each plank. from the boardwalk wood they made a beautiful console (image after the jump), spinning coffee tables (i love the way the bottom of the spinning table looks like the coney island tower), and a GORGEOUS chaise inspired by the cyclone roller coaster. i was crazy about the way the chaise “legs” look like the roller coaster’s support beams. i thought this collection was just off-the-charts-awesome so i hope you’ll take a moment to check out their site. uhuru is always producing incredibly creative and beautiful furniture.

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[images above: console by uhuru, made from salvaged coney island boardwalk wood]

[image above: i loved this star-shaped land from design matthew fairbanks]

[image above: these “sweet” stools from pratt student christian dobrick were so clever. they reminded me those gelly-like treats you can find at japanese shops, but were actually far sturdier. but the best part was, if you need to break down the stool for more room, you can easily pull out the legs. cute and clever.]

[image above: these images were the reason i went and traded in my camera for a new one earlier this week. my old camera was completely incapable of taking good shots of overhead lighting, so sadly my shots don’t do further design‘s beehive-themed lighting justice. but i really loved the hive cut-out pattern on the light hanging to the left, and the hive shape of the light form to the right.]

[images above: kwh had some simple but beautiful furniture (like these tables and the vanity behind them) that combined rich, dark wood with clean brass accents. i really loved the mirror most of all, but the little storage cups/ashtrays built into the table were equally lovely.]


Wow! I love all these wood pieces, especially that wooden side table and pair of tall lamps! Beautiful work..

Rachael Lachel

The wood, runner style table is a piece of art. I would place my Man Ray piece on that sucker and let it shine.


I hope to see some of these at ICFF on Saturday! I am soo excited to see the new ideas (even though I can’t buy most of it). Are you going to be there?


oh my god I absolutely love the round boardwalk tables, love love love them!