before and after

before & after: the smoking goat restaurant

by Grace Bonney

i am a HUGE fan of the design team at bells & whistles, so i was thrilled to hear from barbara rourke at b&a about a beautiful new project they just finished: the smoking goat restaurant in san diego california. to say that i love the new look is an understatement. it can only accurately summed up by quoting liz lemon: “i want to go to there“. bells & whistles took this raw space and transformed it into a gorgeous, homey restaurant with custom built light fixtures (made from vintage metal baskets!), a custom bar & hutch, and gorgeous lath walls. ac is going to san diego next week for a conference and i am going to have to bribe him to go here and eat without me and take pictures. so cool. thanks to barbara and bells & whistles for sharing! [photographs by kari pfeffer]

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