before & after: stacey’s table + stephanie’s votives

i’ve got an afternoon of before & afters coming up (i’m posting until 2pm today, rather than 1pm) today, so i wanted to start things off with these fun projects from stacey and stephanie. first up- stacey‘s make-under. stacey’s boyfriend phil found this old desk on the side of the road covered in graffiti and dirt. the legs had been unevenly cut (and were covered in packing tape) and where a drawer had once lived, only a paneling and rails remained. so phil and stacey sanded down the wood, polished the legs with brasso, finished the top with tung oil and found brand new feet for $2 at a hardware store. the result? a perfectly cleaned and brand new table. great work, you guys!

[have a before & after you’d like to share? just shoot me an email with your images right here! (low res, under 500k per image, please)]

CLICK HERE for stephanie’s votive makeover after the jump!

stephanie’s fun votive makeover comes with a how-to and printable template download! looking to make over a set of $0.48 (a piece) votives from pier 1 (the price stickers had taken off the gold paint), stephanie used water-slide decals and white paint to give them a completely new look! well done, stephanie!


WOW!!! Great job on the table, i thought for sure you would have to paint over that!


Oh wow – that table is beautiful – very inspiring. I also enjoy repurposing old finds.


Wow! I pass up candle holders and other items in that similar ”crappy’ condition all the time. The remakes are gorgeous. Time to open my mind a bit more. Thanks for the enlightenment.


That table looks amazing! I love when people can see potential in something like that.


Love those candleholders. The transfer paper has lots of possibilities, I’d like to try it one day.


That table is fantastic! if only i could be so lucky to find something like that! great job


Wow, great “makeunder” on that table. I feel a kinship with people who see a sad piece of furniture like that on the side of the road and take it home to make it beautiful.


wow! the table is amazing!
now, i , on the other hand, find stuff all the time but i’m not talented enough to make anything so lovely!


so i’m a lover of painted wood, and i would’ve painted that table white in a heartbeat … but the way you restored the wood? absolutely stunning! this is a perfect example of how a little tlc and elbow grease can really turn a sad piece of furniture into a shiny eye-catcher. way to go!


great job on the table Stacey and Phil, but then again, I know how talented you guys are at everything you do. Mom


WOW! I’m super impressed with those candle holders. Pier 1 right? I saw those there in the same condition and they look sooooo much better. awesome!