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before & after: lauren’s nursery

by Grace Bonney

as i edge closer to 30 and my biological clock starts to tick at a deafening volume (poor ac has to listen to me “ooh” every time a cute baby comes on tv these days. sorry, ac) i find myself drawn more and more to nursery makeovers. this beautiful makeover comes from lauren at with two cats. lauren is a mom-to-be and she recently, with the help of her family, completed a nursery makeover for her impending bundle of joy, violet. i love the calm, cool colors lauren used and her use of (my favorite accent color ever) orange to bring a little extra brightness to the room. you can read more about the makeover right here, or check out my favorite 10 photos from the project above and after the jump below. thanks, lauren!

[have a before & after you’d like to share? just shoot me an email with your images right here! (low res, under 500k per image, please)]

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  • What an amazing transformation…the color palette is so sophisticated. I adore the stuffed animals from from two of my favorite Etsy shops. But, I especially love the curtains. May I ask where they are from?

  • Thanks all :) The curtains are from Urban Outfitters, although I’m not sure that they are still available. And unfortunately we got the last rug from Overstock. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!

  • lovely! we are thinking of doing something very similar, transforming our daughter’s very soothing blue and white nursery (very similar blue) to a more lively blue/white/orange/yellow/red nursery for our new baby on the way (we think it’s a boy, but not sure yet). Most blues I see in nursery tours lately are more aqua, or more grey, so it is inspiring and pleasing to see yours, in the soft blue color that we’re working around. Beautiful job! Thanks for giving me more confidence that our transformation will work out, too!

  • Looove. The room that’s waiting for my impending bundle of joy is already blue, so if it turns out to be a girl I will most definitely use this room for inspiration!

  • Could you please share where the wooden play station toy is from, the one on the shag rug? It’s so adorable! Thank you! ;)

  • I love a unisex bedroom for babies. It’s such a beautiful job. The chair and the window seat look perfect for nursing and being with baby. I’m glad someone else’s clock is ticking. I just turned 30 and just got married; all things baby turn me rapturous.

  • could you please share what artists on etsy created the stuffed animals? i love them!

  • LOVE! My living room is that color and MAN do I wish that I had stenciled a white tree now! Must find out what fabric she used for the curtains, I think I’m going to be putting those up on my windows!

  • Love this room! Can you share what specific paint color you used? I’ve been looking for the perfect blue…. Thank you!

  • ooh, i love the textiles! something about a neutral palette with punchy curtains and accessories just makes me happy. you’ve also inspired me to get to work finishing *my* nursery!

  • This nursery is amazing! The color scheme in so perfect & I am in love. The curtains, the bumper and the stuffed owl are all giving me butterflies. <3 Great work!

  • Oh.mygod. I need those curtains. NEED. Any information on where to obtain them would be much appreciated.

  • These are beautiful colors, the room is so peaceful. What a way to welcome a baby, Violet is so very lucky!

  • Azar – the curtains are from Urban Outfitters, but I’m not sure if they’re still selling them.

    Irene – the dresser was a hand-me-down but was most likely from IKEA. We painted the outside white and added the new knobs.

  • This is a beautiful room! However I would remove the crib bumper and not use the rug for the baby to reduce the risk of SIDS.

    • woah, rugs are taboo now, too? i’ve heard the baby bumper thing before (at least 5 angry moms point it out any time someone’s home with a bumper is run) but rugs, too?? man…

  • great nursery!

    another sourcing question:
    the lovely neat bent plywood toy?

    so simple and pleasing, compared with much current baby paraphenalia…

    any information or leads greatly appreciated!

  • just read the original blog post and answered my own question:

    the bent ply baby gym is LEKA from Ikea.

  • Fab! Now this is a nursery I would be proud to call my own. I think you did a wonderful job, and I’m sure Violet will love it too. Cheers!

  • i don’t know about SIDS and rugs that Kara mentioned (it seems a little too overprotective and strange).. but I do think that a baby might chew on the shaggy rug, although it looks great! But eventually they’ll learn that it just doesn’t taste good and will be fascinated by the rug instead so I wouldn’t worry about it. Seriously, when my nephew was a baby, he would spend quite some time feeling the short-haired carpet in my room. I can imagine how fascinated he’d be if I had shaggy rugs instead :)

    I’m in love with that tree you painted on the wall! sooo beautiful. And the oranges work so well in the blue room. I love that you even have pops of green! This is one of my favorite nurseries. Very cozy and sweet!

  • This is a wonderful room. I would love spending time with my babe in here! And, if you like the crib bumper and rug–keep them! I could get on my soapbox about SIDS, but I’ll just say do your research. There’s more (or less) to it than crib bumpers.

  • I am Lauren’s sister and I may be just slightly biased, but I think this nursery is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Great job Lauren!!!!!! You have an amazing talent :) <3

  • what an awesome room. I’m getting ideas for my own baby’s nursery! Where is the bedding from? I know about the whole bumper thing, but it’s so beautiful!

  • The rugs and bumpers are only really dangerous at the beginning (first three months or so) when babies can’t roll or lift their head away easily and get stuck against them and suffocate.

    We had to introduce a bumper at about 5 months because the bruises on our wee lamb’s head were getting ridiculous and she was screaming her (bruised) head off every time she got her leg or arm trapped. We are going to take them out soon (9 mths) now that she has worked out that they can be used as a step to try and climb out the cot.

    tick…tick…tick….go on…it will be the most fun you ever have :)

  • Lucky little Violet to come home to such a beautiful room. I can’t decide what I like best – the colors, the window seat (I LOVE window seats) the tree….

  • What a great and calming room! What is the name of the blue/grey paint color? As far as the rug, when a baby is on the rug/floor, a baby is usually attended. Not just left on the rug to chew away. So I don’t see it as being a problem. How did people survive back when shag carpeting was all over the floor??!!

  • Anna said it all by making a great point about bumbers and bumping their little heads; which is why I also used bumpers and why I was happy to see them on the crib! Really for the first 3 months or so I doubt most babies even sleep in their cribs…either beside their Momma or beside their Momma’s bed in a smaller crib to get their bellies filled during all hours of the night!
    Oh and Grace there is a world full of angry opinionated Mom’s out there so good on you to learn now to take them with a grain of salt – just you wait until you are pregnant or pushing a stroller!
    And, I also need those curtains!

  • I loved decorating each of my baby’s rooms but when they became toddlers all of that cute went away w/ toys scattered and nothing put back in its place ;)

  • Geez. The only problem with a rug in a baby’s room is if it’s not machine washable. Because it will get spit up on.

    On SIDS, research has show that it’s more likely physiological than environmental. However, you still should put babies to sleep on their backs and follow your pediatrician’s recommendations.

    “Recent research suggests that many SIDS babies are born with brain defects that may increase their risk of SIDS. Studies of SIDS victims show that many SIDS infants have an abnormality in a network of neurons in the brainstem that are involved in the developing and controlling blood pressure and breathing, temperature regulation, and sleep and waking.”

  • this is absolutely beautiful. my own 20something biological clock is making a racket as i look at these shots :)

  • Hi Lauren – where did you get the crib bedding? I am looking for modern prints like what you used. Thanks for the info!

  • A little late but Amanda – the crib is the Delta Jenny Lind from Babies R US, Laura the crib bumper is custom from Etsy seller RockyTopDesign, the sheet is just a basic white sheet you can find anywhere, and the skirt is from Carousel Designs

  • I must have missed it in the comments, can you tell me the namo of the paint? Absoutely love this room!!