before & after: kristen’s dresser + barbara’s jewelry box

since we’ve seen some great full-room (and home) makeovers today i thought i’d wrap up today’s do-it-yourself before & afters with some smaller makeovers: a beautiful painted dresser and a patterned jewelry box. first up is a gorgeous zig-zag dresser from kristen fountain davis. kristen found this dresser at a second-hand store and repainted it with her new favorite pattern- chevron stripes. some fun new knobs completed the look and now kristen’s second-hand score has a new home at kristen’s place. great work, kristen!

[have a before & after you’d like to share? just shoot me an email with your images right here! (low res, under 500k per image, please)]

CLICK HERE for barbara’s patterned jewelry box makeover after the jump!

today’s final before & after comes from barb in duluth, minnesota. barb found this vintage jewelry box turned cash box at an estate sale and knew it would be perfect to use as a cash box at her art fairs. not loving the exterior (or interior), barb decided to redo both the inside and outside with beautiful contrasting patterned pattern. and voila! a brand new box for barb to use at craft fairs. well done, barb!

Erin @ Cultivating Home

The pale pink and red zigzag combo work surpisingly well together. Although I didn’t think the jewelry box was all together bad (at least on the outside) before, the after has much more personality and flair. Good job to both Kristen and Barb!


I love the jewelery box transformation! Particularly the change to the inside, it has so much pop and pizazz.


Can you tell us how you did the box make over? Did you use fabric or paper? Decoupage glue or double-stick tape?
Thanks. Nice work!


The jewelry box turned cash keeper is very clever and I love the mix of patterns…is that fabric you used or scrapbook paper?


I recognize the paper used on the jewelry box. I picked up the same patterns, I believe at Michael’s, to use in small picture frames. Love the jewlery box idea though!

Also, I LOVE the stripes on the dresser and absolutely love how they are not perfect and just painted free-hand. It looks awesome!

Rocio ildemaro

Oh! This one made my heart jump a little bit! Love the red and white and love the paisley paper. They are such happy images!

Seattle Architects

Pretty cool. I wonder if running the stripes vertically would have been cool instead . . . picking up on the vertical flutes on the sides.


Love the little jewelry box makeover. That paper on the box is SO cute. That print would look great on some outdoor chair cushions!


I had that same jewelry box so I know it’s at least 30 years old – that brings back memories!


The dresser looks like it has a face, it looks amusing, I like it! Very nice jewellery box, very festive!


The dresser is so wonderful! I wish I was talented enough to pull off some before/after projects as well as this!


I love the zigzag, but honeslty, the dresser was lovely before, simple and elegant…

but its fun now


both jewelery boxes are pretty but the second get advantage due to its interior


I think the dresser was just perfect and elegant in the before and don’t really like the “after.” I think it’s too busy – but the jewelry box is really cute. Great project…


nice additions to the d*s b&a library. you’ve got a book by now of really great makeovers.


love the whimsy and unexpectedness for both however, i do agree with the others that the dresser was quite chic to begin with :( Perhaps it would shine more given colorful interior surroundings?