before & after: anastasia’s kitchen

today’s first before & after comes from anastasia at faiella design. she made over this kitchenette using a range of high/low design accessories in only a month. the design concept was to create a compact, comfortable retreat where you could grab a quick snack while walking between rooms, so anastasia painted the walls, changed the counter tops and cabinets, and- my favorite part- converted an antique laundry basket into a pendant light. thanks for sharing anastasia!

[have a before & after you’d like to share? just shoot me an email with your images right here! (low res, under 500k per image, please)]


beautiful transformation but what happened to the fridge?


Beautiful! Gorgeous! I absolutely love it! Anastasia, you did a wonderful job! I agree- the light fixture is so uniquely fabulous! I haven’t figured out exactly how/or if the floor plan changed from the pictures, but best believe I will be studying these pics all day to figure it out.

Rosy Lady

What a great transformation. I would love to see more transformations and ideas for small spaces, our homes in the UK are so small and storage is always an issue.


A beautiful kitchen for someone who only drinks wine, espresso and eats take out at home! That big drawer underneath the microwave looks like it could be concealing an appliance of some sort though… perhaps it’s where the grapes and cheese live on their off-time. Fabulous, even if it’s not the lifestyle I would choose!


Countertop & backsplash are AWESOME & the use of that little nook is genius. So many good ideas went into this space!


yes, where is the refrigerator and the stove?
Refrig could be a under the counter unit and that seems fitting if she lives there solo. Really, I agree that these behemoth units are unpractical/uneconomical for those of us who live alone or modestly.
But the stove…couldn’t live without it.

Can someone help us out with these questions?


I love the texture of the back splash and the overhead light. Very unique.


Wow! What a beautiful make-over! I love the cabinets, who is the maker?


I want to know where the rug is from! And since they mentioned this is a kitchenette where you can just “grab a quick snack”, I have a feeling this is in a guest house or something.


Hi, I am also doing a white kitchen. What kind of cabinets did you get? Are the painted wood or the Thermafoil finish? Where did you buy them from. Thanks!

becca g

Wow, one month is all this took! I’m amazed! It looks incredible and pristine. Great work


me thinks they replaced the freestanding fridge with refrigerated drawers but I’m not sure.


def better but it’s like something you’d see in an ikea catalog.


nice transformation…fridge? stove? I see nothing to heat up a pan.


I agree with Courtney — where is that amazing rug from?? I need one in a bad way.


hi guys

sorry, in my rush to get ready for brimfield i forgot to add in that it was removed for a fridge/freezer drawer combo- so it’s in the drawer :)



I must know about the rug. (everything else is lovely, too!)


Hey Everyone thanks for all the great comments! The light fixture is from Jim Misner Lighting Designs. There is no stove folks! We have a microwave for you, this kitchen is designed as a “2nd” kitchen in a home that already has a big giant stove jut one flight down.


This was a collaborative project with my architect , Andre Rothblatt Architecture!
He is a genius, we hid all appliances behind the doors! Yes the dishwasher too and a fridge freezer drawer combo.
The 30 day time line would not havehappened without Clayton Timbrell & Company (amazing contractor)!


The rug is from ABC Decorative Rugs here in San Francisco. It’s all wool, hand knotted. Please feel free to contact me for more details on any items in the room.


It’s nice to see our cabinet hardware in it’s final stage. We rarely get to see the end results! Looks good, Anastasia!

kara + darcy

beautiful and oh, so clean & simple.
i’m gushing over the light—-i sold a vintage laundry cart, grrrrr!!! now will need to put that back on my shopping list! hee


Beautiful! I’m starting a kitchen renovation myself soon. Can you provide your source for the kitchen cabinets? Thanks!


HI Lindy,
my kitchen cabinets where custom made thru my contractors cabinet maker.
Hmmm…..feel free to e-mail me with more questions. They where custom designed by my architect so it’s not a straight forward answer.