beacon blankets

today i’m going to wrap up our brimfield antique fair coverage with a big post on the trends we saw at the show (birdcages, bottles, fishing baskets and more!) and some tips from our favorite flea market experts. but first i wanted to share some recent updates to the three potato four site that were so in line with the trends we saw i couldn’t resist sharing them.

one of the first things we were introduced to at brimfield were vintage beacon blankets. the beacon company originally sold blankets in the early 1900s and eventually the term “beacon” was used to reference a wide range of cotton camp blankets. amy picked up a vintage esmond blanket this year (one of the original producers during the same era as beacon) and we soon noticed that thee colorful blankets, inspired by navajo hand-weavings, were one of the biggest trends at the show (and it was even echoed in the stationery show this year!) so when i heard from stu at three potato four that they’d be stocking some beautiful original beacons i had to start the day with them. the cotton blanket material is often referred to as “wool nap” because the material was actually felted/brushed to give it the warmth of wood and to trap warm air. stu just added a great collection of them to the site ($395 each- a wonderful investment for fall/winter) so click here to check them out and shop online! stay tuned for brimfield trends and shopping tips next…

*click here to get a sneak peek into the home of stu and janet of three potato four!

Michelle Jamieson

Wow, I haven’t seen these since I was a kid! Nice to see them become collectible – they used to be just a ‘practical’ old blanket from the attic! Very unique and colorful, thanks for the article. Michelle / Michelle Jamieson Interiors


Oooh, these look so pretty together. I love those Native American-inspired patterns.

hawthorne girl

the photos of Native American blankets in the previous post are made by Pendleton Woolen Mills. Most in the stack are the Chief Joseph design which are still being produced today. Very lovely designs you found!


Yep, that is a charming $2,765.00 group of vintage Beacons. Just under #3,000.00 with tax.