to dry for

yuck, i’m a little sick this morning so i’m going to keep this post short and sweet: i love these tea towels from to dry for. each one is around $10 and full of color- just what every spring kitchen needs. click here to shop the full collection online…


Love them, i will send a link to my husband, he might get the hint and get me one for mothersday.


You could frame some of these, or use them as pillow covers (something I’m doing for a daybed at the moment). I see the company is based in Oxford – if only I had known! I was there last June. At these prices, they are worth the shipping rates, though…


Very unusual, colorful and beautiful! They make me want to step out to my garden and ask my plants to grow:). Hope you feel better soon.


These are gorgeous, though definitely not $10; rather, 10 British pounds or, as of this morning, $15.43. Still would look great in the kitchen, though!


Beautiful! And if you want more from the amazing illustrations of Marie and Marcia then go to Lush designs website…
They’re based in London and are lovely, lovely ladies. My local pub has their foxy lampshades hanging above the bar. And my favourite afternoon tea cup is their gorgeous monkey theme china mug. Oh and no need to make up pillow cases out of tea towels CraftyRachel; they have a whole set of pillow case designs too.


I just checked these out… adorable! They are so graphic, fun and witty!! I love them. Thank you so much for sharing this one!


I just checked these out: awesome! Thank you for sharing these- I am going to go through the painful process of just picking a few to put in m own home!

Mandeep Khunkhuna

When I first saw these I did not expect them to be tea towels. It is very true what CraftRachel said. You definitely could have them displayed as art. They look more like pieces of graphic art. I think the hand-drawn like quality that they have is very much in fashion and the typography used is also very eye catching and almost takes you back to the old western movies, with that style.


wow, they look almost too precious to use in a kitchen. I love the colors and patterns. very fresh!!!

agnes szucs

really nice! I especially like the ones to the right, the carrots, brussels sprouts and beets, but the foxes are sweet, too. And I agree with Rachel, they would make nice wall decor.


Those are so lovely! I was a bit dismayed, though, when I saw the price. £10 is way more than $10!