sneak peek: yvette laduk


dutch designer yvette laduk works and meets clients from her waterfront home, so she likes to joke that she lives inside her own portfolio. when she and her partner bas, a contractor, first found this bungalow in alphen aan de rijn, netherlands, they knew it had potential. with their combined design expertise, yvette and bas gutted and refurbished their new home to create a space that would be a beautiful for both living and working. the final result was a space with an open layout (that worked for their lifestyle) with a sleek yet playful feel that reflects yvette’s work and style. be sure to check out all 20 images after the jump and click here for additional and full-sized images. {thanks, yvette!} -anne

[photography: henny van belkom / van belkom produkties. descriptions: simone van heiningen]

Louise Hederstrøm’s “Wire Tree” coat rack hangs in the home’s entryway.

The ‘Forever Flowers’ knitware on the large and smaller vase was designed by Yvette, while the knitted flowers were made by Yvette’s mother, Hilde Laduk.

The sofa was designed by Stephan Bleeker for Sur&Plus.

The dark wooden floors are made of burnished oak, which runs through the majority of the house. Yvette opted for a darker brown color to ensure warmth. Comfort is at the top of Yvette’s list of priorities, so she selected cozy polyurethane foam dining room chairs by Marcello Zillani that sculpt to your body when you sit. The candelabra against the wall was designed by Roderick Vos.

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The ‘GlowBlow’ lamp over the dining table is by David Design. It’s made of parachute silk and has a fan inside! When you turn the light on and the fan starts working, the shade bulges out. The circular objects on the wall in the dining area are not, as one might think, pieces of art. They are actually radiators!

Yvette and Bas designed as few internal walls as possible to keep the space feeling open. The vast living room was created by covering what was originally a patio with a glass roof, which – combined with floor to ceiling windows looking out over the terrace and garden – creates an immensely light and airy space. Though a lot of hard materials like stone and wood were used, Yvette paid special attention to color and texture in order to create a warm atmosphere.

What looks like a entire wall of laboriously stacked slate, was actually not that difficult to create. Yvette explained, “These are in fact stone strips, which come in block-shaped ’tiles’.” The same system was used in the bathroom, with mats that have pebbles attached to them. “You simply stick them to the wall and once the walls are completely grouted, the pebbles look like they have been individually pressed into cement.”

The hanging fireplace in the living room was designed by Kees Marcelis.

The low ‘cabinet’ below the flat screen TV is actually a radiator, designed by Yvette. “I want to combine form and function in my own work. I recently designed an air-conditioning system with units that look like huge table lamps, cut in half lengthwise and stuck against the wall.”

Yvette at work in her office- the lampshade was made based on one of Yvette’s own designs.

The hanging steel bed in the master bedroom is another of Yvette’s designs, made possible by Bas’s technical know-how. It is suspended from one of the supporting beams in the ceiling and safely secured in an exterior wall. “I love the famous floating bed designed by Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars that hovers over the floor by means of a magnetic field, but it costs over one million Euros! Still, I admire someone who designs something like that, knowing that he probably will sell only a few of them.”

The heated towel rail and ‘Woody Wood’ carpet were designed by Yvette.

Yvette designed the plant containers made from rusted steel to accommodate two cloud trees. The ‘Puppy Sit on Dog’ was designed by Eero Aarnio for the Me Too collection by Magis.

The ‘Bird Treehouse’ made of corten steel and wood is a design by Kodjo Kouwenhoven for Maandag Meubels. He personally gave the first one produced to Yvette.

Tricia Rose

Stylish, consistent and unusual: every item contributes to the whole and I love Yvette’s own spare, elegant designs. I am reminded of the famous Australian one-legged bed!


Wow! Each photo had an item or idea that made me say “wow”. Great ideas with unique executions. I think my fave is the black shade in the workspace with the lightbulb illustration on it. Thanks to Yvette for sharing her cool home!

Stacy Jean

Love it…..where can I get my hands on one of those Louise Hederstrøm’s “Wire Tree” coat racks? Thanks for sharing your very inventive and personal space!


Love the boom box handbag. Please tell us where she found it!


The squirrel on the wire tree — awesome! And I like her quote on Ruijssenaars’ design-vs-sales.


Amazing–so inventive and unique. I’d love to see the light over the dining table when it isn’t turned on. Does it just flop down?


That’s a beautiful house, so amazing. Love all of the hanging impliments!



Stunning…..but not totally in a good way. Some of this I love, and some, well, I’m not so sure of…like the pillow case lamp over the table (yes I want to see it “off” too) and the hanging fireplace. I think I would tire of those things easily. Its a house I’d like to stay on vacation in


Everything is so pretty! The only thing I don’t like is the light fixture in the kitchen. It takes up so much space and completely dominates a smallish room. But I love the floors, the towel fixture in the washroom and that amazing fireplace!


I’m happy to see this beautiful home. It’s very modern but the accessories Yvette chose give warmth to the space.


amazing home! such great balance with the cold and the warm. great design, great furniture, great ideas. The only piece I didn’t like was the bathroom, a little too weird with the dark rocks, but it feels part of the whole, with the same bold spirit. well done!


I have to say that this is one of the best sneak peeks I’ve seen! Thanks for sharing your beautifully designed home!

corinna lewis

i found the boom box bag at a website called perpetual kid…

Portia Pirnia

Beautiful home! This is an odd thing to ask, but I love those rain boots in the first photo. Does anyone know who makes them (and sells them)?


very playful home you have. the floating bed really surprised me, it’s great! Also love the woody wood carpet.


one of the “coolest” sneak peeks you’ve run, i think. the house is just so stinkin’ creative…but i am so not cool enough to pull off that house!


possibly the most gorgeous home ever, beautiful colors, textures and surprises!


I need the boom box bag! Thanks, Corinna. That said, this place is out of this world fantastic.


hi: I would love to know where the flooring was sourced..


This is great! It manages to be clean lined and modern but also organic and playful at the same time – I’d move in, in a flash. Also love the bag in the hallway.


It reminds me of the house in the Jacques Tati movie “Mon Oncle”… but in a good way! Yours is much warmer and much more livable… much more!


Loving the hanging fire place and trees on the curtains! So many unique ideas!