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sneak peek: susy pilgrim waters

by anne

today’s sneak peek into brit-born illustrator/artist susy pilgrim water‘s boston home feels like the perfect place to ring in spring,  with its light and refreshing color palette. susy and her husband keith have been in this 1898 home for 14 years now, and have been remodeling it themselves ever since (each piece of susy work sold meant another small project could be finished). susy credits keith in the visualizing and designing of these spaces, while she’s the one who makes sure each space is covered.  click here to see additional images! {thanks, susy! – and richard szeliski for help with the photos}anne

[above: The Aniline Eames chair is super comfy.The spray of lime green blossom and twigs turn in to Lights!  The open door is our back door, on to the deck.]

Our hall/entry way is very narrow, my “salon” of bunny paintings are ones I kept from over about 170 paintings I did for Matt Murphy’s pub.  Since that collection I  painted 5 4×4 ft larger panels (also of rabbits).  In most rooms I like to paint the ceiling the same color as the wall.  The strong angles and planes keep one guessing on the colors.

Here is our kitchen table with Tillie.  The bench is a very heavy old garden bench.  I silk screened the runner.

This is My desk. I was given it for my 18th Birthday by my parents as I headed off to art school In London. Its always pretty chaotic. Here I am painting and processing in one of my many sketch books- gorgeous watercolour paper, a one off from EM letterpress.  My other favorite  books are made made by Angela Liguori.  On my desk are probably 70 odd bottles of DR Martin inks, my collection of dip pens, Holbien gouache, and old fashioned peerless water colours, amongst other things… I work in mixed media, collage, paper, paint and  printing when I can. My brain feels much better when my desk is TIDY! So I dream on…

Keith took 2 years to rebuild our 3rd floor bedroom and bathroom.  He added height to the ceiling, built amazing built-in cupboards to help make use of all the nooks and crannies. He used old unfinished oak floor boards from the 1820s to make doors for the odd shaped cupboards.  We liked Bamboo for the floor.  Keith built our bed from marine grade maple reclaimed oak from the 1800s and slats from Ikea!  The walls are a colour called  Gosling (pratt and lambert; the trim called old praire – I dont know if they still make it). The floor tiles are La Fonda del Sol from Flor.

CLICK HERE for the rest of susy’s sneak peek after the jump!

The view of the fridge shows a circular flow, both front and back doors and the cabinets in the center of the room which we had to keep because of the chimney stack.

The 2nd floor bathroom also took almost two years.  Keith gutted the original bathroom, smashed the iron tub, replaced the plumbing, and put in the tiles.  The floor of the shower is small seaglass green tiles.  The wall color came first,  my favorite orange is PMS 157.  This is pretty close to it. The orange spot tiles were something I did at a paint your own pottery place with white 6 inch tiles from Home Depot.  We do like nice fixtures so those are all Hansgrobe.  Keith even replaced the window himself and once again poured the custom concrete surfaces.

These exquisite engravings which were hand coloured  are from the late 1700s.  They were done by my ancestors, the Custis’s.  I was lucky enough to have a French friend who was framing at the time, put them in a glass “sandwich,” then put copper tape over the edges (a Martha Stewart tip years ago).  The lamp is one of many Keith and I made together (he did the building, and I did the painting) – when we moved to Boston from Austin we could not  find or really afford the lamps we liked, so we made these folky lamps. They are all over our home.

Our wild fiberglass tub! It’s very groovy.  The counters were Keith’s first attempt at pouring custom concrete surfaces. The towels and soaps from pod and sarajo frieden.

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