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sneak peek: sandra haischberger of feinedinge

by anne

sandra haischberger is the talented designer behind feinedinge, a line a beautiful porcelain vases and home accessories.  today we’re thrilled to have a look inside her austrian home and studio.  she, her husband wolfgang, and their 6-year old daughter lili moved into their flat in vienna’s 5th district in 2007.  the building dates back to the 16th century and was quite small, so sandra and her family decided to remove some of the interior walls to let in more light and allow for more spacious living. as an added bonus, when it’s warm outside their balcony serves as a second living room!  now that their home is finished and comfortable, sandra can fully enjoy her short commute down the street to work every morning. we hope you’ll enjoy her studio and home tour as much as we did! click here for additional images, and don’t miss more of sandra’s stunning work here. {thanks, sandra!}anne

We moved to this place two years ago – only one year after moving and renovating our flat. It used to be a former “gasthaus” [inn]. Quite a dodgy place which was shut down by the police for several years and I completely refurbished it. I have to admit it was quite exhausting, but the space is very nice now and it is only 3min walk from our flat on the same street, which is very practical!

I also collect vintage mirrors and I constantly change the objects on the old table which I got from a closed down pottery workshop whose owner had passed away.

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The bedroom is the room I try to keep quite calm and clear. Our bed was built by myself and my father when I moved to Vienna almost 20 years ago. I decided to use Maple not knowing that this kind of wood is quite hard making it very difficult to work with. But we managed to finish the bed, and I still like it – especially the colour of the light wood which has hardly changed over the years.

The leather sofa is quite old as well. We got it from my husband´s  parents who bought themselves a new one years ago.  They are quite happy we are still using it.

My very favourite place is the vintage wicker chair I found on ebay close to the balcony door. I love sitting there and reading or just watching the skies or our daughter.

The kitchen is an open plan space combining kitchen, dining room and living room in one space. We like this room very much, because it is very airy and light.  The kitchen units are IKEA and the tiles are custom made by a Spanish manufacture in a traditional technique. The older they become, the more beautiful they are because of the patina.

I do not have a computer in my workshop – it is far too dusty there. So I do all computer work at home. We are lucky to have a separate workroom which I share with my husband who works for an IT company. My large table was made from left over pieces of the bed. Unfortunately I have to spend quite a lot of time in front of the computer – which I do not like very much, but I like the collection of photos of our little daughter and her cute drawing she makes for us all the time.

Our daughter´s room is rather small so we decided to have all the furniture and the floor painted white. The two cupboards are also vintage finds I got from the pottery workshop. I like the idea of having parts of the old workshop furniture in our flat.  Due to the size of Lili´s room we built a bunk bed  – my father again helped me and she likes it a lot.

The washing basins you can see in the image were actually my thesis at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in 1999. During those times free standing washing basins were not “trendy” yet and I still like the shape and functionality of them very much.

I am always trying to keep spaces and boards “free of clutter” but as you can see, it does not really work. I am very much into collecting all kinds of vintage things. “Unfortunately” we live only a 5min walk from Vienna’s large flea market …

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