sneak peek: rachel of dwellstudio

today we have two sneak peeks from designers at dwellstudio. dwell is one of my favorite bedding companies (i have dwell bedding on my own bed!) so it was a thrill to get a little peek into the homes of two dwell studio designers! first up is the greenpoint, brooklyn home of rachel strohminger. rachel has a fashion design background and at dwell has worked on projects ranging from baby apparel for the dwellstudio target collection to baby toys. in designing in own home, rachel looked to incorporate a little of her mid-western roots with lots of plants and hints of the country. {thanks rachel!} -amy a.

[We have a very odd layout to our home and we spend a lot of time trying to figure out what our apartment might have been in the past. It’s long and skinny with exposed brick running the length of it on one side. We have an air shaft in the center of the home that is a design challenge to work around. We have filled that window with plants so there is something green to look at. We also have lovely Manhattan views of the Chrysler Building from the kitchen and bedroom. I have a New York moment often as I’m standing in front of our range in the evening cooking, and looking out at the lights of the city. I love having things I love surrounding me that inspire me and are just beautiful to look at. I also love our art that we have made ourselves or was made by members of our family – including my extremely crafty grandparents! I am a creature of change and I don’t think I will ever feel like our home is “done.” I just have too much fun re-decorating! ]

[photo above: This was an odd space right inside the door that we made into sort of an entry way. I have a made a little collection of black and white objects. The console I found at a junk store for $70!]

[photo above: My husband and I currently share (what was our dining table in our past apartment) a desk in our office. I have inspiration board that I pin up work that inspires me. This room is a constantly evolving work in progress. With two designers, it’s a challenge to keep things organized.]

CLICK HERE for more of Rachel’s sneak peek!

[photo above: This is a tiny little space for the main living area in our home, but we try to make the most of it. Above the sofa we have a collection of objects that we’ve collected from vacations. My most treasured item in the room is the needlepoint on the top shelf that my grandmother made as a wedding gift – my grandfather made the wooden frame.]

[photo above: Wedding photos taken by a college friend of ours, more plants, mushroom photo taken on our honeymoon by my husband, and russian nesting dolls bought here in NY at one of the holiday fairs. We love reading and collecting books. Someday we hope to have a wall full of books.]

The Art of Doing Stuff

Sooooo nice. Cozy, comfortable with a touch of I “know the trends”, but don’t necessarily have to jump on all of them. Anyone who can mix needlepoint, a fibreglass chair and a pink poodle is O.K. by me!

Melissa de la Fuente

What a lovely home, I adore the vignette on her entry way table & am a huge fan of Dwell designs. I was so grateful for the target line and snapped up the most recent (& gorgeous) yellow and grey floral quilt. It is SO soft, pretty and great quality. LOVE ! Thanks for sharing your home with us.


I love the chair that by the window (picture with the cat). Where is it from? I want something similar for my living room.


I love her bedding. I didn’t see the owls at first, it is just lovely- I wonder if they sell it?


just love the office. so lived in and ready to inspire creativity. and the makeshift entryway, very clever!

Jo jo

this aesthetic really speaks to my design sensibilities. taking a space and making your own little nest of it. I love how they used so much cheap furniture and made it work. great job!


So, fresh & new – great ideas for some of us who are “decorator-challenged”. Thank you for sharing your home!


The owl bedding… MUST.GET.THEM! Where did she get them? Dwell Studio design? PLEEEEEASE….Tell me. :)


hi guys! rachel’s bedding is part of the new dwellstudio collection. it’s called etching and should be on their website soon!
-amy a.


I love that lavender rug! Where is it from? I am trying to find a suitable rug


Hi Everyone,
Thanks for all the great comments! We’re so happy you all like the new bedding pattern!! Check out the dwellstudio website, it just went up today! The rug is actually a light gray and its from West Elm. I just checked their website and unfortunately its no longer available. :(


Love all the details in your home! Can anyone tell me where the bookshelf in the last photo is from?


Can you tell me where the white and metal shelf is from? The one against the brick wall? I’ve been looking for one just like it! Thank you!


The white shelf in the last photo is from The Container Store.


the bedside table… has it got two bookshelves under the drawer? love it!


What a cute little place, loving the brick wall and the tiny antlers mounted on the wall, looks great, thank you so much for letting us into your home


I love the exposed brick! And how all the little details pull it all together.


Thanks for the info on the bedding. Awesome.


Where did you get all the cute lamps? Love the lamps! Love it all!

Lindsay Jade

LOVE it all! Drooling actually. :) I really want a brick accent wall & I have heard of a DIY faux brick but I dont know where to start & I know there are some wall papers but not sure how they will look. Any ideas on where to start?