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sneak peek: heather paul of spool no. 72

by Amy Azzarito

heather paul, her husband travis and the couple’s chocolate lab kota live in this home in the rural farmlands of eastern washington. heather, along with tara ehlis and gloria abhold,  runs spool no. 72, a clothing company, which pairs salvaged textiles (their bags made out of  native american rugs sold in a flash!) with casual, easy going clothing. both grace and i have a few of their super cute and affordable blouses – the company strives for a blend of new and old to create a modern take on classic american style – and heather has done the same thing in her home. {thanks heather, travis & kota!} {and many thanks to tara ehlis for the lovely photographs!}amy

[Our decorating style is truly a blend of styles focusing on casual living.  The blend of rustic and modern can be seen throughout the house.  When building we really wanted the house to have the character of an older home and to look as it had been there for years.  Incorporating hand scraped hardwood floors, interior transoms and vintage inspired glass tiles helped give the house character and that cozy inviting feel.]

[photo above: The goal when building our home was to make it look as if it had been there for many years. We love the character of older homes and tried to incorporate as many elements as we could into our new construction project including interior glass transoms, hand scraped hardwood floors, vintage inspired tile, and painted cabinetry. As shown in our clothing company Spool No.72, we are inspired by salvaged textiles. This vintage Navajo rug was a great find at a local barn sale and we constructed the sliding barn doors out of re-purposed pine boards finished with a light grey stain. The barn doors make a great transition into the home office. ]

[Photo above: Our home office is one of the most used rooms in the house.  The room is filled with salvaged finds.  An old trunk made the perfect coffee table when given a boost by some old fruit crates.  The blend of new and old is a common pallet in both our homes and clothing line and creates a distinct and unique style.]

CLICK HERE for the rest of the Spool peek!

[Photo above: Most of the artwork in our home was painted by one of the Spool No.72 co-owner Tara Ehlis.  The No.36 painting was constructed from layers of paint and newsprint, and then sanded down to give the look of a 100 year old panting.]

[Photo above: In living room we used a large salvage fruit bin for our coffee table.   We have used many salvaged furniture items in our home as we have found that their character can not be found in new furniture items.  Plus it gives us an extra excuse to go treasure hunting each weekend!]

[Photo above: The kitchen is our favorite room in the house and a gathering place for friends and family.  We added character to the kitchen with hand poured concrete counter tops and a home-made butcher block island that we constructed out of strips of maple wood.]

[Photo above: Our master bath features salvaged wood mirrors mixed with more modern elements including square vessel sinks and vintage pendant light fixtures.   A vintage tool box made the perfect cubby for our bath towels.]

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  • How did you hang your canoe paddles? We have two very similar to yours and we are struggling to figure out how to display them. Do tell! Thanks.

  • i would love to know the paint color on the kitchen cabinets, too! beautiful work on the counter tops, love, love.

  • those floral chairs & the rug bin are so cool. i love that the rug bin looks like an oversized canister for sugar.

  • I love the octagonal tiles on the kitchen backsplash. Beautiful! I’ve never seen anything like it before, where did you find them?

  • This is an amazing home, my favorite sneak peak yet!

    Could you please tell me what the kitchen backsplash is made of? It is GORGEOUS!

  • This home is lovely. Can you tell us a bit about the NYC transit print you have? Is it an original or a reproduction? It looks a little bit like old subway scrolls, but different from most that I’ve seen. Would love to know where one like yours might be available for sale. Thanks!

  • I need to know where can I buy the poster or print with names of manhattan subway stations (on 4th & 5th pictures)!!! I need to have it! Thanks!

  • LOVE. Rustic, minimal, functional. The sliding doors are fabulous. I love the marble backsplash in the kitchen. Really, really lovely. xoxo

  • the fabric on the kitchen chairs is amazing. do you happen to know the name/manufacturer?

  • Lovely home – I would love to know the cabinet colours you used for your kitchen, laundry, and bath. Thank you!

  • Where is the laundry cart from, the mirror and the bag in the entryway from?

  • I thought I recognized those mountains! Where in Eastern Washington is this house? We live in Wenatchee.

  • I am with everyone on the barn doors, they are gorgeous! We are trying to source a couple of barn doors for some rooms in our house but are having a hard time finding them. Can you provide any information? Thank you soo much, Love your beautiful home!

  • the barn doors are absolute perfection!! what a brilliant idea! where would you find the doors for that?? thanks for sharing!

  • the fabric on the kitchen chairs! OMG is almost the same one (if not the same) on my old german dinning room chairs!!
    I would so much like to buy that same fabric to renew my poor old chairs!!! But yeah, herre in Chile such thing is very hard to find
    Congrats, its a beautiful home, looks very cozy

  • I love your home. Favorites are the barn doors, salvage wood mirror frames, and the artwork with letters and numbers on them.

  • This has to be one of my favorite homes ever featured on here. It’s almost like many of my favorite things were put into this house!
    I especially love the barn doors (one of the elements for my dream home) and the large fruit crate used as a coffee table. I have 6 smaller fruit crates that I use as side tables and I think they add such a unique touch to my home!

  • Creativity and good taste! Your home is unique and very inviting. I love a home that blends with its location. Congrats to the creators.

  • I love this house. The mix of rustic and modern is perfect. Where is the bench and mirror from in the entryway? love it!

  • The whole house makes my heart go pitter patter. I’m in love with everything. They had me with hello on the black door and adorable Kota. Then those barn doors, and it just kept getting better and better. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  • Now THIS is a home that I could move right into today…LOVE LOVE LOVE the use of old with new – the everyday with finer pieces…and the fact that so much of this is AFFORDABLE and doable for the everyday homeowner. This is what sets d*s apart – finding great designers who offer inspiration for us regular guys and gals. THANKS!

  • LOVE the NYC transit artwork – where did you get this? I would love to try to find this online if anyone knows where!

  • This home is so chocked full of great textures and rustic finishes blended with modern style!!! I got a complete “design rush” looking through this sneak peek :) Love it when that happens. Truly inspirational. Thanks Heather!

  • I’m pretty sure the subway scroll prints are the ones from Pottery barn a few years ago. If not, it’s very similar. I actually have one for sale if anyone is interested. It just doesn’t fit in my space. email me at amy.halpin@gmail.com if you are interested.

  • I have one of her necklaces – it’s my favorite. I’m not surprised that her home is just as beautiful as her goods!

  • I, too, am loving this home! Someday, someday….I would love to know where she got the fabric floral covered stools in the kitchen. They’re so bright and lovely!

  • i would also like to know where the fabric on the stools in the kitchen is from – it’s gorgeous, as its the rest of the home.

  • The last photo looks like the Palouse with Idaho mountains in the background… beautiful!

  • The bench may have been from Pottery Barn, but is no longer available. However the fabric on it is definitely from Pottery Barn. It’s called the Gabrielle Jacquard, and is for sale by the yard or on some of their furniture.

    The fabric on the bar stools was also Pottery Barn, but is no longer available.

  • LOVE the kitchen! I want to copy it exactly when I win the lottery and can remodel ours. Would love to know if the kitchen stools had slipcovers? And if so… where they came from.

  • Hey..I love spool! how cool is this house? I love that huge ceramic container in the hallway with the no. 12 and leaf on it…does anyone know where it’s from??

  • That zig zag rug is gorgeous! I am drooling over the lighting and use of color in this beautiful home. It’s a wonderful combination of earthy and modern, with a little country thrown in. It all works beautifully. This is one of my all-time favorite sneak peaks.

  • any news yet about the NYC print? I’ve seen a lot that seem almost alike, but I’d love this one in particular.

  • Hi, lovely home! I’m curious about the large bain marie in the third photo, with the leaf on it – where’s it from?

  • Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I have included a list source list below of many of my household items.

    Paint Color: Uniform throughout the house: Ralph Lauren, Hopsack. Kitchen cabinets are same color taken one shade darker.
    Barn Doors: Handmade, re-purposed pine. Hardware: barndoorhardware.com
    Entry Rug: Salvaged, barn sale
    Entry Crock: Salvaged, barn sale
    Leather Bag in Entry: Spool No.72 Salvaged Collection: http://www.spoolno72.com
    Entryway Bench: Custom, Pottery Barn
    Entryway Mirror: Pottery barn
    NY Sign in Office: eBay find
    Kitchen Stools: IKEA, reupholstered in fabric found on eBay
    Kitchen Tile: Cararra Hexagon Marble
    Laundry Cart: Restoration Hardware

    Thank you,
    Heather Paul

    • Heather,
      Do you recall where or which manufacturer was used to purchase the front door? I have found many craftsman style doors that are similar, but most only have a 1/4 lite. It appears that your door has a 1/3 lite?

      Thanks for your time!
      Ken Kurtz

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this house! I’m wondering if you would know the manufacturer of the entry door. I’ve been looking for one like this.


  • ref.heatherpaul of spool no. 72

    This is wonderful. I have an old entry door like this and I wasn’t sure I wanted to us it but now I know I do. I have the country/cowboy theme. This gave me some great ideas Thanks

  • I, too, live in Eastern Wa as of one year ago. Every morning my husband and I marvel that we get to live it such a GORGEOUS place. We are surrounded by family for the first time in 26 years of marriage too – LOVE IT!!

  • Hi! I would really appreciate if you could tell me where you got your barn door hardware and the doors themselves.


  • I love the yellow and orange pillow on your bed. Can you tell me a bit about it?

  • I need to know the manufacturer of your front entry door, it lets more light in than normal craftsman doors…. please I am desperate I can’t find it anywhere !!!!!

  • I’m really interested to know more about the front door…I love love everything about your home. The style is beautiful! I’ve been waiting to find the right door for my home and I would really like to get this one. Please share…I hope to one day have a stylish home like yours.

  • I was wondering where you got the Aztec chevron rug that is in the entry way next to the barn doors? I have looked and looked for a rug I like and haven’t found anything until I saw this one.

    thank you

  • What the name of your front door? It’s different than a normal craftsman style.

  • Can you tell me the name of the company that made your front door with the sidelights? It’s just what I’m looking for. Thanks!n

  • Hi, love all the pictures of your new home. I am looking for a new entry door on our rustic style home. Could you share the company you dealt with for your entry door. Thanks, Sharon

  • I love the front door as well. Looks like I am not the only one :) Can you please share where you purchased the door or what company makes the door please?