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sneak peek: cheri of scout holiday

by Amy Azzarito

in august, cheri messerli and david rager tied the knot with a hand-made garden wedding. (for which they created one of the most fantastic registries, i’ve come across) it was more than just a wedding, it was also a send-off celebration for their september move to paris. cheri is a designer, stylist and consultant – her accessory line CM is sold at the ultra chic paris shop colette and the le bon marché. david is an art director and graphic designer. cheri created her wedding decorations with an eye toward reusing them in the decor of their paris home. this sure makes me long for springtime in paris!  {thanks cheri, david & scout!}  –amy a.

[David and I had been wanting to move to Paris for a while and when we finally packed up and did it, it was a lot more expensive to ship things than expected so we only brought over essentials we could carry on the plane. We searched for a furnished apartment that wasn’t too cluttered and had things we could work with and live with. We spent a month looking for a place to call home. When we saw this place we knew this was it. It was light, spacious and had a lot of unusual unique features which are rare to find in Paris apartments. The exposed old beamed ceilings, cement and wood floors , a partial old rock wall and the large kitchen space (uncommon in Paris). After a lot of rearranging, storing the furniture/stuff we didn’t like like, and putting up small decorations that had made the trip over with us, it finally began to feel like home.  We live with our 4 year old Vizsla (dog) Scout and have been living in Paris for 7 months now. Now that it’s starting to warm up we are loving it here.

photo above: This is actually the 2nd “couch” –  it was an ugly fold up bed/couch that was covered in black velvet when we arrived with lots of maroon velvet pillows, not really our style but it’s really useful to have since so many of our friends pass through Paris. I used one of the fabric pieces I painted for our wedding tablecloths to cover the couch and then dyed scrap pieces of fabric I had to create covers for the pillows. The paper cranes are something I made for our home in NY, and am now selling in my etsy shop. They make it feel more like home.]

[photo above: The beautiful wooden bench came with the apartment and often acts as our coat rack, while I’m still searching for the right one and there are no closets in this apartment and very little storage space so our bikes live near the front door since we use them so much here. Paris is great for biking so we brought our bikes over. There was no way I was leaving my lavender bike behind, after I finally rebuilt it and painted it my favorite color.]

[photo above: David and I love cooking. This kitchen is an amazing space to cook in, we’ve started a monthly Sunday roast with friends. It’s also is the warmest space in the apartment when the ovens going. It’s a bit of a country escape in the city.]

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[photo above: The green table and chairs came with the apartment and I put some of my favorite vintage fabric I found on etsy on it as a tablecloth. This space is one of my favorite in the apartment, the slanted wood beam ceiling has an old cabin feel, but the window in the cement wall gives it a really nice modern look as well. This table area is often converted to a workspace when I’m working on messier projects.]

[photo above: Since we spent the last year in California working on art directing The Ecology Center, we have been wanting to start our own vegetable garden but have been waiting till we had put some roots down somewhere ourselves. We found this simple clear tray at Ikea, hung it in skylight, and started our own organic vegetable garden this winter. It was the only place where the plants were guaranteed some light all day. Now they are thriving, so I’m going to have to find them a bigger planter but will continue to keep starting new seedlings in this space.]

[photo above: A lack of storage forces you to get creative with a new space, so we put hooks up in the old beams, with the pots hanging there it feels even more like a country style kitchen. We treated ourselves to some new pots and pans from Labour and Wait on a recent trip to London and they help make the kitchen space more colorful.]

[photo above: I love the kitchen, the walls are an interesting smooth concrete-like plaster and the owner of the apartment also really likes to cook so it was a perfect match for us to find this place.]

[photo above: It’s nice to be able to cook meals for friends and have a big enough table for everyone to sit at. We really enjoy cooking so we host a lot of dinners here with friends, sometimes we do movie screenings paired with a meal to match the theme. This long dining table serves a lot of purposes – it’s often a desk, flag making workspace or decorated for something like a special meal. Here it’s decorated for David’s birthday.  The striped napkins are from our wedding, we silkscreened them ourselves in different colors. The tree is something a friend found and left at our place, it’s now found a home in the kitchen.]

[photo: I went from hating the sofa and sofa bed to it being one of my favorite pieces in our apartment. Since it forced me to be extra creative in covering it up, I came up with some pillows and fabric prints that I really like and might work into my CM line.]

[photo above: My flag necklaces all started with some paper flags I made as a decoration for a dinner with friends. I made them out of different papers I had collected over the years ( I have an extensive collection of pretty and interesting papers I’ve hoarded over the years) and I liked them so much I was trying to come up with a way to make them wearable, from this the CM line was created! I was given some salvaged leather from a friends furniture company and went from there.]

[photo above: This is an antique bureau that came with the apartment and was pretty much the only shelving available to use in the apartment. We keep all our supplies and tools in it. The bust was something inherited from David’s grandparents and the small vintage glass bottles are from our wedding. I use them as vases in small clusters occasionally. I collected them from different flea markets in both Paris and California for our party, but was only able to bring a few of them to Paris. The map/poster was created by David and can be purchased at his online shop.]

[photo above: Since it’s such a small space I kept it simple and have put up a few images I love from some of my favorite blogs like Fine Little Day, and some beautiful Saipua soaps and small things to add a little color to this black and white tiled room. The shower curtain is from Anthropologie and helps give the very clean modern space a more feminine feel, which is a contrast I really like to play with.]

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