sneak peek: cara of ore studios

just a year and a half ago, cara scarola, her husband ahlum and their son ryder moved into this home in santa fe, new mexico. then just last year, cara formed a partnership with andy beers, a former interior architecture classmates. as ore studios, the duo provide design services to clients all over the country – and with andy in providence, ri and cara in santa fe – they’ve just about got the country covered! each ore studios project works to convey the personal aethetic of the homeowners. i love how fun and bright this home is – perfect for a family!
{thanks cara, ahlum & ryder!} {special thanks to andy beers for the photographs} -amy

[My husband, Ahlum, and I moved into this house about a year and a half ago with our son, Ryder.  Architecturally speaking, it is a relatively generic house that was built sometime during the 1950s.  The ultimate goal in remodeling the house was to create an inviting, family-friendly space with a sense of style and character.  I like both classic and modern furniture, and wanted to blend multiple styles seamlessly by using a tight palette of warm and cool colors.  The house as a whole makes sense without feeling too matched or decorated.]

[photo above: This vintage chair was recovered in a beautiful wool houndstooth from Place.  The yellow dresser was purchased secondhand – the finish was ruined so we painted it a beautiful shade of ochre to contrast with the walls and applied a glossy coat of red to the original hardware.  The black and white photo is one of mine – I had it printed on a piece of nylon fabric and then hung it on the wall using galvanized piping from the local hardware store.]

[photo above: Our family spends a lot of time in this room.  The finishes are natural and durable- the perfect combination to withstand a very active three-year-old. The sofa is covered in a charcoal flannel, and the ottoman and drapery fabric is from Romo, a line we really love.  The collection of artwork in this room includes a painting by Janet Lippincott, a drawing by Sue Coe, and a couple of my own pieces.]

[photo above: The bedside tables are local unfinished mesquite slabs with a live edge – scraps that we acquired from a colleague. We had them fabricated to fit the room.  The headboard is upholstered in Galbraith & Paul fabric.  The oak floors in the bedrooms were in bad shape when the house was purchased, so we decided to give them a couple of coats of white paint (we were able to refinish them to their natural state in the remainder of the house).]

CLICK HERE for the rest of the Ore Studios peek (and all the images on one page!)

[photo above: We completely gutted both bathrooms before moving into the house – they were full of pink – pink tile, pink sinks, pink toilets, and pink tubs!  The floor tile is by Ann Sacks from the Savoy Collection.]

[photo above: At Ore we love kid’s rooms that are fun but also have the potential to transition easily to the next stage. The furniture in my son’s room is a mixture of pieces that work right now (a bed from Oeuf that was once his crib and a little table from Room & Board), and things that will still work when he’s older (the orange hutch).  The carpet is from FLOR.]

[photo above: When outfitting our home office, I couldn’t decide on a desk to buy.  We ultimately decided to construct one out of galvanized piping and apple-ply, which allows us to maximize the usable space in the room.}


Flor is so practical for a kids room! I have the catalog at home myself, waiting for stability to purchase!


I love all of the red and orange mixed in with the neutral colors. The son’s room is adorable (esp. love the white decorative paint around the coat hooks!)

Would love to know where the sofa is from – I’ve been searching for something similar.

Amy Stapp

Beautiful! Where did you find the wallpaper in the dining room?


Where is the orange pendant light from over the dining room table? I have been looking for something similar!


please tell me something about the
3 white framed artworks above the
table with dinasaur…are they
children’s book illustrations and if so, which books? Love, love, love all the orange through out and the wonderful mix of styles.


seconding Jennifer’s request for photos-on-nylon source! i also love the ‘action’ burst around the kids’ coat hooks. lovely home!


I, too, would love to know the source for the couch. This one is just what I’m looking for. And do you know if grey flannel cat friendly? I also love love love the Ann Sacks tile in the bathroom!


What is the paint brand/color on the master droom walls? That is exactly what I’m looking for!

Emily Schaper

Love, love, love the brown and white bathroom. The tile is amazing, but I’m curious if that window shade is handmade or if it was purchased and if so, where?


the house just looks so friendly! i love all the bright colors!! and the desk? to die for!!


What a cool little wood bedside table/shelf in the bedroom corner!


I love how there are hints of Santa Fe in there, and yet it’s definitely a departure from a “typical” Santa Fe house. Very visually appealing to a eastcoaster now living in SF!

Caroline of Red Glasses

Beautiful home! Sunny and colourful and so full of creativity! I love the focus on the materials as well, the nice fabrics and woods and tiles. Good stuff!

Caroline of Red Glasses

page Kelleher

Love the grey and red combos. Cara and Andy have a bright futureWe wish then the best of luck.
santa fe modern home


Loved every corner, especially the orange overtones, and the practicality of the kid’s room.


oh gosh. thank you for an amazing sneak peek! loved the contrast between the black & white photo with the bright yellow drawers


I love Love LOVE those chairs around the saarinen table in the first photo. And all the pops of red and orange are just perfect.


love this place, esp the brackets for the shelves above the table. Wonder if those are galvanized piping too


Cara: Can you tell me where you got the window shades from in the bedrooms?
Great house!


I really love the black and white photo printed on fabric, I’ve been looking for something fun to go above the sofa, this could be it!! now where did i put that photo album…


Great home, dream tile on the bathroom floor, loving your son’s boots…could you give some detail as to how your shelves in your office are being held up?


It was a lovely surprise to be happily scrolling through your terrific home and come across our very own wool hounds tooth on that great chair. This project embodies my love of mixing things in a fresh way. The house somehow captures the SW without BEING the SW. Wonderful! Thank you and congratulations.


Wow–perfect shade of grey paint! I’ve been looking for something similiar. What is the brand/color name? Thanks for sharing such a lovely home.

Cara Scarola

Thanks for all of the positive feedback! We appreciate it!

Now to answer a few of your questions…the sofa is from GUS, the window shades are actually from Home Depot (a stand-in until we order some lighter, higher quality shades from Hartman & Forbes), and the paint is by Mythic (no VOCs; the the majority of the house is done in “Silver Splinter” with a few accent walls in a deeper charcoal color – the name is escaping me). The wallpaper in the dining room is not wallpaper, but rather a mural that I painted using the “Silver Splinter” paint on top of the charcoal shade. Lastly, the shelves in the office are also being held up by galvanized piping – we placed brackets in the wall into which we screwed the piping and then applied an end-cap.

I think that answers all of the questions that were asked – let me know if I’ve forgotten anything!@


THE BLINDS!!!! I love the blinds (are they bamboo or rattan?) and have been desperately looking for something like them. Where oh where did you get them?!


Looks awesome! Where did you get the wall lamps in the master bedroom?


i’m in love with the bedroom and the vintage chair/dresser area….great work! definitely shows how a few touches can make such a statement

Cara Scarola

I had the photo printed on nylon by a local photographer. I think it is becoming a more popular process – check with your local photo lab. If you happen to live in Santa Fe, contact me via the ore studios website and I will connect you with the photographer that I used.

Sarah Palestine

Yay Cara!
It’s so exciting to see your work and house online! The pictures look great! Love you!


I gotta say, having just moved in January from Santa Fe after a 5 year stint there, it’s SO refreshing to see a Santa Fe home that is put together without the overwhelming Southwestern theme. Tasteful, zesty, lovely, funky! Hoping your design expands a few minds while your there!


Where did you get the colorful bins that are in the kids room???


hi cara! i’m good friends with elise and sean in eugene. she gave me this link to see your stuff. coincidentally i already read this post!

rad work….hope to meet you someday.


How did someone sneak into my head and grab images of what I wished my home looked like??? It’s perfect. I could walk in and live there easily. Love!


*Sigh* If only my house looked like this. I feel like this embodies the hip but comfortable and usable space to which I aspire. Great work Cara!


i also would like to know where the colorful bins can be purchased. love them.


In the blue kids’ room, where did you get those bamboo/rattan blinds?


If you think of the name of the deeper charcoal color, can you post it please? Which color is behind the couch? Where can one buy Mythic paint? Just beautiful.


Bless you, Katie! Who knew I’d find blinds I liked at HomeDepot!

Hipster Home

The sofa in charcoal is a Gus Modern Jane Sofa and we’ve been a retailer for over 3 years. The fabric is comfortable and ultra durable and perfect for any troubles that kids or pets can present. We love it.


Absolutely in love with the color palette in your son’s room. Which FLOR tiles did you use?


I love this house and everything in it. Inspired me to redecorate my bedroom. LOVING the orange and grey.


BEAUTIFUL, peaceful and happy.
May I ask where those orange/green colored woven baskets (or bins) are from?
I am talking especifically the one shown by the “boom” on the kids room.
Thank you.

Sarah Stern

The master bedroom is beautiful. where are the bedside lights from? thanks!