prints by treasury designs

one of my favorite things about going through submissions every morning is getting to hear from people in completely different parts of the world. i had a very nice talk with a woman in israel this mornin, and then a quick email-exchange with a man in durban, but i was especially excited to hear from lucia golding of treasury designs in bath, england. my parents took a trip to england when i was little and i love to re-live their trip via our old photo books when i’m home. the photos of bath were so lovely, and it’s always been a place i’d like to re-visit when time (and my budget) allows. so to hear from someone designing something so cute in bath was a real morning treat.

lucia sells a range of screen printed home accessories and tea towels (produced in the UK) and is hoping to leave her day job soon to pursue her dream of designing full time. lucia’s work really grabbed me because i loved the warm colors and use of imagery like cuckoo clocks and wegner chairs. i’m not a huge silhouette person (i sort of overdid it with silhouettes in college and my first year of d*s) but i do love when silhouettes have a softness to them, which these do. you can pick up lucia’s full line right here, or check out an abbreviated collection of her work right here on etsy. thanks, lucia!


Ooh I love these. We had an afternoon in Bath 6 years ago and it was beautiful – I didn’t want to leave. Must go back one day.


I lived in Bath some years ago and everytime a friend asks me to recommend a place to visit in England it´s there where I always send them. The calm and the old-time charm always catches me.Perfect tea-towels. Rather than using them in the kitchen I would frame them to see them everyday


It is so so lovely to see these positive responses to my work.Thank you so much!