poster love

this year i’ve been trying to set aside a little mini-savings fund to buy some original artwork and well, it hasn’t been going so well. i keep dipping into it for cut flower money or little snacks here and there, so it looks like i’ve going to be focusing on prints + posters again this year. so i thought i’d share some great poster options that have been sitting in my inbox for a few days now. first up is the site wall blank- they’ve got a great collection of new and vintage prints at really reasonable prices, and some are about to be retired as part of the relaunch of the site soon. so if you’re looking for some fun vintage posters (those were my favorites in their collection) click here to check out and shop the full collection. [thanks, virginia!]

the haiti poster project has been going strong since january of this year, but i sadly have somehow forgotten to celebrate it here at d*s until now (sorry). the project is a collaboration of artists and designers around the world who’ve designed posters to benefit the victims of the earthquake in haiti. there are so many beautiful designs to choose from, and the profits go to a great cause, so there’s not much else to say other than: if you need some new artwork and have a little bit of money to spare, this is the way to go. you can search posters based on size, artist, or price, so click here to see what’s currently available. also, if you’re an artist and would like to participate, the project is still accepting submissions. [thanks, nicole!]

Vicky Watt

The sense of history in the
‘See America’ poster is really compelling. Art deco, seaside themed, ‘It’s Quicker By Rail’ posters have become hot property in Britain – don’t know if you have similar in America? The originals are expensive but repros are available too . The artwork is so funky and sometimes amusingly aspirational :)


how cool! i love these! i just did a little post on reproduction WPA posters!


I love all this old-school posters, they look great in a flat with “vintage” finish.


Thank you for the best Friday of my LIFE!! I designed the Haiti Poster Project poster on the bottom right for my college’s student design group and never imagined I’d find it here!! Thanks so much for including my work, and more importantly, featuring such an important cause.


I just wanted to say thank-you for blogging about saving money to buy original art. Original art is important and makes a difference. It is totally worth the investment to buy something that makes you happy every time you look at it. Ironically, most of the money I make from selling my art goes right back into buying someone else’s! Thanks Grace, for your support of the art community!


saw this and couldn’t resist, as I am a born and raised Montanan. Bought another for a friend who is coming to visit this summer.

Sometimes online shopping can be so dangerous. Kind of a guilty pleasure…

Mandeep Khunkhuna

I really love the look of the vintage posters, they take you back to a simpler kind of design. The message is portrayed is right there, there is no hidden messages. I love that about these vintage posters.

I also think Frances Haiti design is really creative. The use of block gradient colour on top of the textured shapes works really well.