past & present: paisley round-up (part 2)

Now for the fun part! (Don’t miss the history of this terrific pattern in Part 1!) One of my favorite things about doing these pattern histories is they way it increases my awareness of the patterns around me. This week – working on paisley – I saw the pattern everywhere!

[clockwise from left: paisley reef rug $78.00-$1,098.00, dwell studio paisley throw pillow $34.95, turban jewel brooch $30, maharaja paisley umbrella $39, paisley upright suitcase $95.99, rain boots $64.95, hibiscus wing chair $349.95]

[from left: cole & son wallpaper $229, modern palm paisley towels $19.99]

[clockwise from left: medium oval pendant light $370, drifting paisley tote $248, cool splash posts $28 paisley sateen sheet set $60-80, blue paisley plate $45, paisley table cloth $40-70, paisley green wool rug $339.39]

[from left: paisley rug $9.91/sq foot, paisley sheet set $148.00-$168.00]


I’ve noticed paisley seems to be everywhere this year, from Target to Bergdorf”s! I like the look of it, but I wonder how long it’ll last. Do you have any ideas on where to find a nice chandleir? I’m on the hunt for a cyrstal one similar to the one at the Plaza ( but maybe a little less pricey. :)


I never buy paisley, but when I read this post just now I found myself sighing and thinking, “I love paisley.” Well done!

barbara kumar

In India I was told the shape of the paisley comes from the shape of India’s most prized and delicious fruit, the mango. Thanks for the lovely examples of all things paisley.


I love Paisley! And I live just a few miles from the town of Paisley where it all began!


In your second photo montage, you show some scarves (?) but then link to a description of an umbrella, which isn’t pictured. I’d like to find out about the scarves! Thanks.

Pink Sister

Zara home carries some lovely paisley cotton sheets, made in Italy. I think the design is ‘Astrid’. The double flat sheets are about £24.
Thank you for all these paisley inspirations – love them!

Kristi @ Addicted 2 Decorating

I haven’t always loved paisley, but I came across a fabric from Braemore called Somerset and the colors (turquoise, yellow, apple green, white) were so fresh and beautiful that I picked up enough to make a valance for my breakfast room and draperies for my living room!! I haven’t yet made the draperies, but the valance came out beautifully. You can see it here:

I’m still not drawn to most paisleys, but that particular fabric was just “me”.


I love Paisley! Vera Bradley has some new updated paisley that is really nice. I especially like the stationery products!
Great notebooks and binders!


Yikes! I apologize for the wrong link! Those are actually towels from Ralph Lauren and I’ve corrected the link above. But now you’ve made me wish they were paisley scarves! ;) Thanks for the heads up!

Jayne G.

Can you provide the source for the white chairs with cushions surrounding the round table (on the paisley rug)? Thanks!


I’ve been waiting for paisley to come back for years! I remember wearing it a lot in the early eighties when I was a teenager. I think I even had a pair of Guess jeans with a paisley print. Love it!