olga ziemska

it’s a beautiful sunny morning here in brooklyn, and i couldn’t think of a better way to start the day than with some beautiful installation art from olga ziemska. olga lives and works in cleveland, and balances her studio life (next to a beautiful lake) with trips to visit her family in their hometown of warsaw, poland. olga’s work has a wonderful way of combining man-made objects and materials with a natural environment- her sculptures and installations always seem to be at home in their surroundings. whether she’s working inside or out, olga always manages to bring an element of nature into everything she does. i’ve chosen my favorites from her portfolio above and below, but you can click here to check out her current work and exhibition schedule. thanks, olga!

Malinda Ballesteros

How inspiring to see! Her work makes such a statement… Thank you for sharing, I love finding new artists that think out of the box.


At first I thought the first installation was circular mirror reflecting the sky…
I think that would be cool too.
Love the string rainbow as well!



These are amazing. I love the string rainbow, also! And that reflection-y spider web-y thing.

bargain bex

oh … the silvery words dripping down have taken a hold of my heart and won’t let go … such beauty!


Wow- love it! I’m with you, Kathryn, Andy Goldsworthy comes to mind- like a modern day version.

Alexandra Duron

Beautiful work! Thanks for posting about this very talented artist!


wonderful..especially the figure studies..the use of the glass “drops” and photography brilliant.


I live in Warsaw and I wish that Olga would come back to her hometown and create some of these amazing installations here – love them!