new: decals from shanna murray

today i’m so thrilled to announce the launch of a new product line from artist shanna murray! i’m a huge fan of shanna’s work so i was excited to hear that after a year of research and development, her debut line of decals is now available and ready for sale. based on shanna’s drawings and hand-lettering, the new line of decals has a beautiful matte finish that makes them appear as though they’re hand-painted on the wall, rather than a shiny sticker.

each of shanna’s beautiful decals is designed to be used alone- or in combination with other decals. shanna hopes people will use their imagination and create their own unique ways of using the details. to that end, shanna will be providing an ongoing series on her blog of free tutorials (with step-by-step instructions) that explain how to use decals in unexpected ways (i love that idea!). as a renter i’m always hesitant to apply things to my walls, so i was happy to hear from shanna that the thin vinyl decals will adhere- and peel off cleanly!- from almost any surface. (each decal comes with instructions and a tool for applying)

this first spring/summer line of decals is the first in an ongoing collection, so stay tuned for new series of decals from shanna as the year goes on. right now you can pick from a wide range of decals in rich neutrals like white, charcoal, black, putty, and metallics like gold and silver. prices from from $10-$40 each but you can also request custom decals and sizing if you’d like. to pick up a decal of your own, click here to check out shanna’s new collection online. congrats, shanna!


so amazing! It will be perfect for a spot on my wall that I was trying to find a wall hanging for. Shanna is such a gem.


I adore these!
Shanna’s creativity and talent always blow me away. I never thought I’d like decals, but these are just stunning :)
Congrats, Shanna!


and here i thought i was vehemently opposed to decals. love these!


These are AMAZING! And just in time for spring redecorating! I love Shanna’s work!

Lynne, Tea for Joy

I’m not at all a fan of wall stickers – but I actually love how they look on the blackboard paint here. I still won’t put them on a wall, but a blackboard sounds really appealing.


ooh, i really love these! i too don’t love wall decals but these i could see in my house.


Very beautiful! I headed over to Shanna’s website and loved the laurel/magnolia wreaths and ribbon wreaths most of all. I have a gallery wall I am working on in my home office, and these will fit in beautifully. When I get home I am going to make some measuremetns and order up some of these beautiful “non-decaly” decals.


Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments, everyone! All of your kind words have really made my day!

And thanks again, Grace for such a lovely post. It was a total joy to share this launch with you!


Love the way she has reinterpreted the decal…which imho have gotten kinda…old (even though I’m still such a sucker for them!)

These are just so sweet and charming… Congratulations, Shanna!