monday morning art: clare grill + daniaelle simonsen

one of the things i feel most passionate about when it comes to artwork is buying original paintings whenever possible. it’s rarely in my budget to do so, but when it is, man is that a great day. i love prints + posters to death (and buy them as often as i can) but there’s something really special about seeing the actual painting in front of you and examining all of the brush strokes and watching where the artist’s hand went. i only own a handful of small paintings, but i cherish them most among my possessions. one painter whose work i’ve been saving up for lately is clare grill. i’ve been following her since i fell in love with her mountain paintings in 2007 and have enjoyed watching her style grow and change over the past few years. so i was excited to hear that she has a new show of paintings called “the forest for the trees” opening here in nyc at sloan fine art. the show opens this wednesday (april 21st, 6-8pm) and will showcase some of clare’s latest work, including the beautiful crowd painting above and below. galleries usually scare me because i don’t feel fancy enough to go inside, but i think i’m definitely going to have to make this opening and profess my love for clare’s work in person. if you’re in town you can check out the show right here or you can see more of clare’s beautiful work on her website, right here.

since i’m on an art kick this morning i wanted to share these beautiful pieces from artist daniaelle simonsen. based in los angeles, daniaelle produces gorgeous works of art made by sewing magazine paper onto fabric. i particularly love her “fighting bears” piece (above), but the details in every piece are really special. you can check out more of daniaelle’s work online right here, and check out her blog right here.



thanks- it’s actually not a new column, but i really want to add more artwork to d*s. not sure how everyone feels about that though, as it sort of breaks away from the affordability we normally try to focus on…we’ll see ;)



i am such a huge fan of clare grill, and daniaelle’s work is such a treat this morning. thanks for posting!


I agree with this lovely post. Artwork is breath to me. I love originals, too and try to pick up at least 2-3 a year. Right now I’m waiting for an original of my daughter, Lil with her beloved(lost) Froggy. Done by Jen Maher of ‘custom toy portraits’. Should arrive this week! (Only 150$ for a priceless memory captured)


stunning! simonsen’s work reminds me a bit of the paintings by Emile Clark that were on display at the brooklyn botanic gardens in March: (though I”m sure they have a very different feeling in person since Clark’s are watercolors and Simonsen’s are mixed media)


I also collect both prints and originals,and as a painter myself, am lucky to have made some pretty good trades from my colleagues. I think everyone should a tleast have an original painting in their kitchen.It fits in so well with cooking and plants!
But I think everyone should feel welcome to go into any gallery.It is meant to be the middle man between the artist and the people.And belive me when I say an artist wants people to see his/her work,even if they have no intention to buy.

agnes szucs

Hm! These are pretty amazing! Both!
And I think Kelly is right. Featuring art is good. Regardless of whether people who see it have the intention to buy or not. Seeing art can really be uplifting.


I love the art posts, in case you are looking for more feedback on that. :)

Donna, The Decorated House

Wonderful post!
It is worth searching out art to be able to own original work.

It makes a home so special to have an original painting, drawing, photo or whatever type of art suits your fancy!


That mirrors painting is one of the best pieces I’ve seen in a long time. GREAT find Grace. I need to find pricing for that one.