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living in: driving miss daisy

by amym

Driving Miss Daisy, where have you been all my life? Crotchety, sophisticated old ladies, sprawling southern mansions, classic cars, Morgan Freeman in suspenders, mahjong circles, driving gloves, the piggly wiggly. Seriously, a girl could base her life off stuff like this.

leather driving gloves $75, herringbone driver’s cap $25, polkadot bowtie $42, striped suspenders $22, Model 1955 Chrysler Imperial $30 (should have been a Hudson but I couldn’t find a good one), knotted cufflinks $25, New York Times, pistachio sundae heels $72, pearl necklace $240.

Set in the 1950s and 60s in Atlanta, racial, economic and religious norms get blurred as 72 year old Daisy Wethan begrudgingly accepts the services of a illiterate but charming chauffeur named Hoke. Driving Miss Daisy has me in mind of long summer’s drives with the windows down, sweet teas in the cup holders and oldies on the radio. Plus if Morgan Freeman is involved, I’ll even volunteer to be the chauffeur. amy m.

floppy straw hat $24, gardening tools $5/each, nickel fixture and shade set $234, diner mug $5, checkerboard rug $60, wall mounted clock $88, diner chair $145, vintage wine bottles $14, antique gas stoves.

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