kathy mellor

one day when i own a real dining table (and not the wobbly ikea table we have now) i’m going to relish geeking out over table linens. i have a strong urge to indulge my inner ina and spend an hour ironing my nice linens while i think about what dessert i’m going to serve our guests. but until then, i’ll keep bookmarking pretty table linens like these designs from kathy mellor in south africa. i love the purple flower designs- they’re cute enough to use for younger guests, but sophisticated enough to use for a nicer dinner with friends. kathy has some really nice designs with illustrated silverware that i love, too- those would make really great everyday napkins. if you’re looking for some new table linens, click here to check out kathy’s collection online.


i adore these linens! i especially love how clean and simple they look. This reminds me that I want to sew my own linen placemats and coasters. hihi


I love table linens… but I’m so afraid to use them most of the time because I have a messy 3-year-old. Someday (yes, I have a someday list!) I will have pretty linens and hopefully some are the knife, fork, and spoon ones pictured above!


Well Done Kath! These are gorgeous and cant wait to get my little paws onto some gorgeous linens of yours. X


These are so lovely, already contacted Kathy about buying some of her linens…