josh blackwell + plastic bags

just yesterday i was talking about my love of celebrating everyday “disposable” goods and now i’ve found a new artist working in that vein that love, thanks to one the lovely deanne cheuk. yesterday deanne featured artist josh blackwell’s plastic bag art over at the internetwork and i was instantly hooked. josh uses everyday plastic shop bags and turns them into beautiful canvases for thread and other decorative materials. i’ve always been more of a bag over purse girl (i wear my baggu bags out to nice dinners, it’s that bad) so i’d be tempted to take one of these bags off of josh’s studio wall and carry it out and about on my day. but until then, i’ll keep admiring them on josh’s site. [thanks to deanne for the inspiring post!]

since we’re talking about bags, i couldn’t leave out this fun diy bag project sent over d*s reader virginia. she sent over a link to pascale at between the lines’ cool recycled shirt bag project. inspired by plastic grape bags that have cuts to allow for expansion, pascale turned an old t-shirt into a clever expandable shopping bag. i’ve got some great old shirts (too gross to wear but i can’t bear to let them go) that would be perfect for this so i will definitely be making a few of these this weekend. click here to check out pascale’s full how-to on her site. thanks, virginia for the tip!


Oh I love Josh Blackwell’s work and here i was thinking placky bags were only good for bin liners!

ginny branch stelling

heyyy! i always wondered who created the little bag garland in freemans alley! i love josh’s work!


T-shirt bag is awesome. Josh’s bags — how does he stitch them up without tearing them to shreds? The white-on-black one is amazing!


pascale (and her little girls and husband) will be so thrilled to see this post!

she reduces a design to its simplest elements, which yields a wonderfully elegant bag.

check out her other bags, including an ingenious hanging laundry bag, all with clearly written tutorials.


I really like the t-shirt bag, the other is not to my taste, but it is unique.


i LOVE the t-shirt bag! will be great for collecting veggies out of the garden this summer.


Those plastic bags are beautiful. The designs remind me of traditional Micronesian patterns on bags woven out of grass fibers.


Love both the plastic and the t-shirt bags! Going to be making both soon, maybe today! Thanks! :)


Josh’s bags are beautiful.. and the t-shirt bag is brilliant. I love plain white t-shits and love recycling old ones (like when my boyfriends got lovely yellow pit stains i cut it into a vest and added buttons)


This was quite a surprise – my t-shirt bag on D*S!! Thank you so much, both, Virginia and D*S!!
And I’m happy to have discovered Josh’s bags – I feel inspired…


T-shirt bag is great. I have several “work” t-shirts in lots of colors from an old job I had. This is such a better idea than cutting them into dust rags! If you own a serger, you could serge the bottom seam instead of doing a French seam to make these even faster.


I love the t-shirt bag – it’s simple yet so pretty! I am going to make one of these!


stunning stunning stunning stunning stunning stunning. and refreshing.