in the kitchen with: trish deseine’s white chocolate soup

Before I went to Australia last year around Easter and had my very first hot cross buns, I associated Easter with chocolate (Judging by the enormous chocolate easter egg on my desk, I guess I still do).  I thought it would be great if we could offer two recipes for you to try over this weekend, which is a long one for many of us.  Trish Deseine, cookbook author and chocolate expert, has offered an amazingly simple recipe for a White Chocolate Soup.  I was curious about it when I saw the recipe and just had to try it.  The texture is smooth and velvety, and the soup has a wonderful coconut and fruit flavor that just has to be tasted to be understood. A quick recipe with Trish is an honor and an experience not to miss so I hope you’ll give her white chocolate soup a try! You can find out more about Trish and why she chose this recipe after the jump!  -Kristina

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About Trish:

Cookbook author Trish Deseine has been writing award-winning cookbooks since her very first title, Petits Plats Entre Amis (Food for Friends) was published in 2001.  Since then, she has written numerous books, Je Veux du Chocolate! (Chocolate), Mes petits plats préférés, J’en veux encore (Cooking for Children), Du caramel plein la bouche (Caramel), and Nobody Does It Better (French contemporary cooking). In 2008, she hosted her first English-language TV series “Trish’s Paris Kitchen” with accompanying book “Trish’s French Kitchen”, followed by the series Trish’s Mediterranean Kitchen, about the cooking of southern France.  Recently, she has also released the stunningly beautiful Comme Au Resto, and is working on another one of many small format cookbooks as we speak.  Trish  writes a regular column forElle A Table, and is an active member of the Twitter community with daily tweets documenting her cooking and baking travails, restaurant experiences, and quick easy recipes (in one tweet!).  Trish was born in Belfast, Ireland, but has lived in Paris since 1987.

White Chocolate Soup

400g (1 can) coconut milk

200g Passionfruit nectar/juice

200g White chocolate

1 stalk of lemongrass (optional)

Break the chocolate into 2cm pieces and place in a bowl large enough to contain the liquid.  Mix the coconut milk and passionfruit nectar in a small saucepan, and heat.  (If you are using lemongrass, allow it to steep some in the hot coconut milk mixture). Pour the hot liquid over the white chocolate pieces and allow to sit for 3-4 minutes before stirring.

Serve warm.

Why Trish chose this recipe:

I chose this recipe to give an alternative to dark and milk chocolate at Easter. White chocolate has a hard time and needs all the help it can get!   We eat so much dark and milk in egg form in the run up to Easter Sunday, I feel this is a very welcome, refreshing dessert to serve after a large roast lamb!
(Photography by Kristina Gill; dipping bowls, medium pebble bowl, espresso cups, and square by mud australia)


What a great recipe! I think some fresh raspberries would be great with it and would be an eye catcher as well.


snoh white

you can buy it at most upscale grocery stores, like a whole foods, trader joes, etc. i actually see it in glass jar form (like a juice) all the time when i go home to VA and go to the regular grocery stores. i think it’s definitely becoming more popular these days and more readily available.



Mango works as well. I bought it here in Italy in the juice section of the grocery store! Not even upscale…


Wow! White chocolate *soup*??? I have to try this…so it would be served during dinner, right? Or is this more of a dessert thing? I’m so confused! :-)


I’m not even a white-chocolate fan but this looks delicious! Those little cups are the perfect size.


this recipe sounds delish, but i am even more enthralled by the beautiful pictures and those gorgeous cups/bowls!!!


@erin – dessert i’d say. it’s definitely not savory! it’s also something i think would be fantastic at a party to put out in little shot glasses because it really takes no time at all to make– the heating of the milk/nectar and then the 3/4 minutes over the chocolate. then it’s served.


wow, definitely want to try this. thanks for such a simple, yet exotic recipe!


So pretty – any ideas who makes those beautiful cups?

Melanie Allan

Made this for the fam last night. Beyond easy. Gorgeous…but a little too gorgeous as it’s very rich and sweet. The servings are a bit big if you make the recipe as is and serve 4. Next time I’ll halve the recipe and serve in 4 shot glasses or wee bowls. Would be a great side or sauce to a simple cake.


@Julia – they are the ‘espresso cup’ by mud australia, and although you can’t tell, in the images 2 are in citrus and 2 are in white (white was introduced this seasons)

@Melanie Allan – thanks for letting us know how you liked it! I think you could always use less chocolate to make it less rich. I didn’t mean, by the photography, to imply that it made four servings– After I filled the 4 espresso cups in the images, I had enough to fill 4 more… You’re right! I could imagine this alongside a nice butter cake!


Reading this post in bed…. And wondering how I’m gonna fall asleep now. Wow!


I have to try this. My parents are coming over this weekend, and this should knock their socks off. Thank you xox


I have made the dark chocolate soup and was thinking of trying white chocolate. You have made it more enjoyable with the nectar and the recipe is simple and perfect! Thank you!



i made this last night. it was so gooooood and decadent. and so easy! I used Green & Black’s white chocolate.


I have never heard of this before, white chocolate is my favorite. I am not a huge fan of coconut and wonder if there is an alternative. I must try this sometime . Thanks for sharing


Hi Deana!

I asked Trish. She said, “Cream! There is ALWAYS cream. Well, perhaps half cream, half milk…”

Hope this helps!