diy project: may day floral door basket

we’ve got four great diy projects coming up today, so i wanted to start the do-it-yourself celebration with a fun post from floral designer jaime giorgi. based in burlington, vermont (but moving to napa this june!), jaime runs the monkey flower group, a small floral studio specializing in botanical pieces to “hold, wear, and share“. today she’s sharing a variation on a may day basket using hellebores, tulips, and rhododendrons. i love this idea as a sweet way to leave a friend a gift, and was so happy that jaime shared this with us today. thanks, jaime!

CLICK HERE for the whole how-to after the jump!

May 1st is around the corner and there are lots of reasons for flower lovers to celebrate. This little DIY project highlights just a few- hellebores, tulips, pulmonaria, and rhododendrons – with a simple adaptation of the May Day “basket”. Use this be-ribboned vase to secretly decorate the door of a loved one (according to tradition), or hang a few about your place to enjoy spring’s bounty a little more fully.

For this project, you’ll need:

1. A handful of flowers
2. Two feet of ribbon
3. Little bells (for a happy jingle)
4. Petite greeting card (or not, if you prefer to be mysterious)
5. Hole punch or needle and thread (to attach card to ribbon)
6. Small canning jar with two-part lid (you’ll only need the ring part)
7. Sharp knife (to give those stems a fresh cut)
8. Access to a friend’s doorknob

Just follow the images below to see how to build the door basket!

Happy May Day!

Flowers You’ll Need:





[materials needed (list above)]

[use ribbon to create hanging jar]

[secure lid to keep ribbon in place for hanging]

[add card and bells]

[add flowers, arranged to your liking]

[use the ribbon to hang the arrangement from the door]


so simple yet so beautiful! I think I will keep this up all summer and just change out the flowers depending on what is blooming in my garden.

mia bortolussi

I’m lovin’ these flowers. And this comes just in time for my birthday party at which I hope to have some pretty little arrangements.


This is so lovely! I would be thrilled if somebody left a treat like this on my door knob.

I have a hard time finding pretty flowers. The grocery stores near me tend to only have very brightly colored gerbers, tulips, roses and alstromeria lily. The florists near me seem to want to sell arrangements and not just a few stems of my choosing. I live in a condo and don’t really have access to a garden where I can clip a few flowers. I live in Atlanta but general tips about the types of places to look for flowers would be just as helpful!


I love this! I was just thinking about how most of the people I know never participated in the May basket tradition. It’s a fond childhood memory for me and I was happy to see this here:)



do you have a local farmer’s market in atlanta? i bet you could find some pretty blooms there..



i have been looking for that perfect gift for teacher appreciation week. just found it. lovely idea.


There is a farmer’s market called Dekalb Farmers Market that’s a bit far from the city (but gigantic!) that I think I will check out this weekend. Thanks Grace!



if you meet some nice flower farmers there you should def. ask them about their seasonal offerings and any tips for local shops they may sell flowers in :)



Great idea! Do you know where the adorable bunny card came from? I love it, and would love to know where I could buy some for my collection.


Such a sweet and simple idea. I will be trying this. I love the bells too!

Abbey Adams

A Gwen Frostic print! She is one of my all time favorite artists, wish you would credit her in the post. Her amazing printshop/studio in Benzonia, MI had to close until further notice because of financial struggles. Support local artists!


Not only is the project wonderful, but I love the step-by-step photos, too.

Delaney Gates

I’ve always wanted to learn how to make these! ~So much more elegant than the construction paper cones filled with flowers that I used to make as a child. Ha!


Hi to all… I just saw the beautiful project above and noticed the bunny card and the comment that the Gwen Frostic Studio closed. I wanted to let everyone know that Gwen Frostic’s reopened May 22, 2010. The website is open also


Love this! This one is really pretty. Love the addition of the bells. Unable to give out May Day Baskets this year. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to.