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behind the bar: jose + joel’s mexican sangria

by Grace Bonney

Today is going to be a great day.  For one, it is Friday and that alone makes it good.  As I write this it is 72 and sunny here in Philadelphia, so that makes it even better.  But today we are seeking greatness and greatness we have.  Our Friday greatness comes in the form of Mexican Sangria as prepared by the talented (and sweet) couple consisting of photographer Jose Villa (view his blog here) and cinematographer Joel Serrato.  Normally I like to keep my comments to a minimum but I need to expound on a few things.  First of all, everyone needs to check out the wine that was used in this drink.  It is a boutique wine (low production) made by a family with 4 generations of winemaking experience.  It is the kind of rare find that all wine-lovers dream of.  Secondly, a very special ‘Thank You’ to Lacie Hansen who shot the beautiful portrait of Jose and Joel as well as some of the detail shots of Jose preparing the drink.  And finally, the location of this amazing shoot was J. Woeste, a beautiful garden and store in Los Olivos, CA.  They don’t have a website but it should definitely be a stop on your next southern California sojourn.  Now on to Joel and Jose… –ryan & alissa

“We really love where we live and find it an inspiration to drink, eat and enjoy ourselves locally.  We frequently find ourselves traveling both near and far for work so we always cherish the opportunity to enjoy our local home of the Santa Ynez Valley in CA.  When we were asked to be a part of this feature we thought long and hard about what type of drink would best represent us and decided we had to showcase one of our favorites – “Mexican Sangria”.

CLICK HERE for more beautiful images and the full drink recipe after the jump!

Mexican Sangria is a drink that looks as if it is far too complicated to attempt but the reality is it’s SO simple your guests will wonder just how you managed it.  Share the secret or not – its up to you!

The drink was first discovered when Jose and I were asked to come to a gathering at J.Woeste in Los Olivos. J. Woeste is an amazing, ever-changing haven for home and garden lovers that will draw you back for many visits to come. During the spring this whimsical garden is a lovely place for friends and family to gather and enjoy gifts, books and indoor/outdoor art. For this particular gathering we were asked to bring a drink but couldn’t decide what would fit into such an organic atmosphere.  After a little research we discovered we could mix some of our favorite drinks from our heritage.  We are both Mexican and we always, ALWAYS, have Tequila at home.  We combined that with our love of wine (specifically Sarloos and Sons red) and then chopped and mixed our favorite fruits and TADA! “MEXICAN SANGRIA”

We hope you enjoy!

[Joel & Jose]


1 bottle of red wine (we prefer to use Sarloos and Sons red)

1 cup of tequila (we prefer to use 1800 Silver)

1/2 a cup of orange juice (living in such an organic environment we only drink organic orange juice from New Frontiers in Solvang, CA)

1/2 a cup of brown organic sugar

1/4 cup of fresh squeezed organic lime juice

1 sliced organic red apple  (and other fruit if you desire – raspberries, watermelon, oranges, mangos, etc)


In a pitcher mix ingredients in this specific order.  Add ice to chill.  The longer it sits in the pitcher the more flavorful it will be.  Using a little lime juice, give the glasses a nice brown-sugar rim and then serve and enjoy!

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