before & after: mia’s frame table + greg’s cooler

this next project comes from mia loge chung. mia found a beautiful old medicine cabinet and chair at a flea market and decided to transform it into a bedside table. after sawing off the chair seat, mia attached the medicine cabinet to the legs, creating a fun little table with built-in storage. after a coat of paint, it was placed next to her bedside table and the look was complete. as a bonus crafty project, mia created the artwork above her bed using her old closet door and leftover paint from her bedroom. well done, mia!

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CLICK HERE for greg’s vintage water cooler makeover after the jump!

d*s reader greg just moved to austin texas and brought along a restoration project with him: a 1940’s westinghouse water cooler. the cooler was a fixture of his childhood, but spent the last few years sitting unused in a storage shed. after his move, greg decided to search for some (very hard to find) parts to get the cooler in working shape, and now it’s ready to go- complete with a new cherry red finish. great work, greg!

*the vintage advertisement-version of greg’s water cooler came from this vintage vending site.


Great work on both! Mia, where did you get that bedding? It’s gorgeous.


I love the water cooler. Was it professionally painted or diy?


I love the nightstand, but mine is always so covered in junk I would never be able to open it. It is lovely though. :)


I like the extra diy door art above the bed! Thanks for pointing that out!


Amazing! The table is so creative – I would never have thought to combine those like that. And the water cooler restoration is judge gorgeous.

Kristi Hauke

The bedding is from Ikea. I saw it there the other day.


I have that same bedding from Ikea…love the green on walls though!

the water cooler is awesome!!!



I painted it myself – thanks for the compliment!


what a great idea! the water cooler is to die for. and i love the simplicity of the mirror table. just beautiful!


the customization of the mirror top drawer table is so aesthetic and the new life of water cooler is so colorful


Both of these projects are beautiful and inspiring! I want a water cooler.

kelli king

Adore both of these…
I’m with others that love the diy painting above the bed. Great work on both projects. Viva Design*Sponge!!


As sweet as the side table is; it still looks exactly like a medicine cabinet sitting on a chair base. Now her artwork looks great and who would have thought it was a door.
The water cooler is amazing and must Greg smile every time he uses or walks by it! I see that you painted it yourself. Could you give us tips as to how you painted around the “Westinghouse” – like do you glue over the signs, spray paint then peel the glue off when it is dried?


Hi Lisa,

I removed as much of the chrome as possible before painting and then re-attached it later after a cleaning/polishing. The Westinghouse logo couldn’t be easily removed, so I painted right over it – waited for the paint to partly dry, and then lightly sanded the surface. Be careful doing this if you are dealing with thin chrome plating!


wounderful site and very inspiring too.
lovely makeover in recycle way.
Greeitngs from India

brooke cooley

Omgosh, beautiful!!! I love!!! I have been looking for a vintage water cooler for yrs for my husband. He loves tanker desk era. Where do u find it? And any suggestions where i might go to find one?!! Dosent have to be in good condition.