before & after: kelly’s dresser + amanda’s chair

this colorful dresser makeover comes from d*s reader kelly thacker. looking to spruce up her baby daughter’s room, kelly used a vintage dresser that had been sitting in her mom’s spare room for years. kelly loved the contrast between the ornate dresser and the bold, modern color combination. i have a major love for anything orange, so i’m passing on my two thumbs up to kelly- great work!

[have a before & after you’d like to share? just shoot me an email with your images right here! (low res, under 500k per image, please)]

CLICK HERE for amanda’s chair makeover after the jump!

this impressive chair makeover comes from amanda conley of bijou girl designs. amanda found a broken rattan chair with a metal frame on the side of the road and decided to strip them and re-weave a seat using jute webbing. thanks for sharing, amanda!


Oh, that dresser is HOT. Using jute webbing for the wire-frame chair is so darned creative. What great makeovers! I’m inspired.


I love the chair! It took a lot of creativity to see through that mess to the good bones.

Kelley Moore

Kelly’s daughter will have no choice but to have great style with a fabulous dresser like that in her room! And hats off to Amanda for reminding us all that you can, indeed, make fabulous use out of that stuff on the side of the road


I adore these before and afters – they’re so inspiring. The contrast on the dresser is genius – I would have never of thought to use those colors.


Thanks for the dresser comments, and thanks for posting, Grace! The baby’s not even born yet and she’s already been on design*sponge – that’s the coolest!! :)


I used to have that dresser! Damn, to think I could’ve made it over like this.


I had that entire white and gold bedroom set, brings back memories, and what lovely frame on that chair.

I am always a little bit jealous of the luck some people have in finding these amazing pieces that need some love!


The chair reminds me of the “butterfly” chairs of the 70’s (or was that 80’s?). My sister covered it with macrame. It was great, except when it got dirty, it couldn’t be cleaned.


The chair is genius. What a good eye. It was actually a bit of a thrill to see the before and think WHAT THE HECK IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Great job.

Jennae @ Green Your Decor

I love the dresser, but I love that chair even more! I looked at the “before” photo for a few minutes trying to imagine how someone possibly could’ve saved it. I did NOT picture the “after!” That looks like a really high-end piece of furniture, and I love it. Now I’m going to be scouring the web for a metal frame chair to re-work :)


Both of these are such fantastic transformations! I’m particularly smitten with the dresser, I’ve been looking to redo mine and the pop of color from the handles is so inspiring.


Wonderful makeovers! I love both the dresser and the chair. (I especially like that a girl’s room doesn’t automatically mean pink. The colour-coding of genders usually makes me rather frustrated.)
All these before-after posts are great, I’m getting so much inspiration- me thinks my find of nest tables will not be restained, but rather painted a glossy fire engine red…


I thought there was a DIY tutorial on painting furniture, but I can’t find it! I’m especially interested in finding out what kind of paint to use, whether to prime, and how to avoid brushstrokes!


Ah! Love the color of that dresser, esp. like lisen wrote, because it is for a baby girl and NOT pink! Kudos to parents for thinking outside the box.

Kathleen at Studio 1950

Wow! How brave to consider a bold color like orange on the handles of that dresser! I have an entire set from the 50s that is very similar and now I am inspired to try something totally out of my comfort zone. Thanks!



Just wanted to let you know that your link from the main page to jump to this post is coded as “ttp://…” :)


I absolutely love the chair makeover! Great job Amanda – such a creative use of simple materials. I’m inspired!


Holy cow, these are fantastic! The top dresser is a perfect inspirational point for me — I swear I own the nightstand companion to that dresser, and I’ve been wondering what to do with it! Love these, thanks for sharing!


Hi – I have a dresser that I would love to paint, but I am unsure of which technique to use. Amanda’s dresser is made of similar materials…thanks in advance.


I love the dresser!!! What color/kind of paint did you use for that? We are in the process of refinishing a cabinet and think this color would work perfectly!