alef betty: modern hebrew alphabet

amy ruppel always sends over the best links. last night she sent over a link to alef betty, a new online shop from tsilli pines devoted to modern hebrew artwork. i feel like i’ve posted so many different versions of the english alphabet, i was thrilled to finally see a cool modern alphabet for a different language. alef betty’s alphabet is available in several different styles, in either a cool blue color or a bold red. each piece is printed with soy-based ink on recycled chipboard at pinball publishing in portland, oregon. each print sells for $24, but you can also pick up a set of 3 (in the same color palette) for $58. click here to read more about the story behind alef betty and to shop online. thanks, amy!


This is so cool — I was just in Israel and was distressed by the typography everywhere because it just didn’t seem like anyone had figured out how to make the letters both modern and readable. Good to know there’s hope yet!


I write and read hebrew, and just like PLGC pinpointed, the Hebrew alphabet is not an easy one to draw/design.

I esp. love the blocks poster, either in blue or red!

Thanks for sharing!


Tsilli Pines

Thank you all so much for the kind words! I’m trying to make products that I always wanted and could never find. So glad to hear you like them!

Hannah: you’re the best. No one’s supercooler than you.


this is awesome. i am always looking for ways to incorporate judaism into my art collection, and this hits the spot perfectly. thanks for bringing it to my attention!


Tsilli Pines did our ketubah (Jewish marriage contract) and she is AMAZING! I got an email from her this morning about Alef Betty and I am already dreaming up places in our house to hang these.


Brilliant. Thanks for the find. The energy of the Hebrew characters has always been part of this designers source of inspiration. All the best.


Thank you thank you thank you for featuring this. It’s so hard to find Judaica that is fun and modern!

nan lawson

i just bought the alphabet block poster in blue! my boyfriend recently went to israel and he now he feels more connected to his jewish roots – i think this will make a great gift for his upcoming birthday! thanks for this post!


this is AWESOME! thank you so much for posting! my boyfriend (who is jewish, though i’m not … yet) will love these. perfect gift.


just bought the red set– todah rabah v’kol ha’kavod!


When my son was born, I wanted to have ABC as well as Aleph Bet posters, but while there’s such wonderful ABC stuff out there, I just couldn’t find anything that I liked for the Hebrew version. (Our English one is from Idlezoo:

So I ended up making it myself :) I painted sheets of watercolors in the room’s shades of blue and green, and then cut them out in the Aleph Bet shapes and put them together into a poster–my own hack of Eric Carle :)

Thanks for the post! It’s nice to see good Hebrew typography out there.


I have to disagree with PLGC. I live in Israel, and there are new and modern Hebrew fonts, that are beautiful and readable. for example, the work of the typographer Yanek Iontef


this is great and on the blue background print on the left, the shaded letters say ‘emet’ which means ‘truth’, very meaningful thank you!

Tsilli Pines

Thank you all for the amazing response!

Noa–you’re so right! Part of what I wanted to do with this project was to expose people outside of Israel to the amazing work that’s being done by the typographers there.

Yanek Iontef, Oded Ezer, Hagilda, and Shmuel Sela are my favorite independent designers.

lollyo–So psyched that you picked up on the subtle message hidden in the classic design!

The feedback I’ve been getting from everyone means so much. Thanks again to all of you!


wow, this is so awesome. I studied ancient Hebrew for two years and I’d love to have a Hebrew alphabet poster. Good way to review!


hello! I´m a brazilian graphic designer and i will live in Israel next year. I would like to know if there is any course I could apply for foreign designers!
thx a lot!