weekly wrap up + numbered stairs

if i could scream “TGIF!” from the rooftops i would, but my voice is still blown-out from yelling at last night’s rangers game. so instead i’ll head out an hour early today and try to rest my voice with some tea and maybe catch a little cat nap before i have to pick up the laptop again. amy and i are going to check out the philadelphia flower show this weekend so stay tuned for some pretty garden and flower related pictures on monday. until then, i hope you all have a wonderful weekend! below is a summary of this week’s highlights and above is a beautiful set of sunshine yellow stairs from lois keenan. i’d be happy to run up and down those cheerful stairs every day…

Sarah Sarniak

Hmm..I’m not really a huge fan of this. If it was perhaps in a kids room or something, but it’s just too much for me I think.

Darla Jackson

Yay Philly! Enjoy the Flower Show and if you’re finding yourself in Rittenhouse Square in need of something fancy to do, check out the Philadelphia Art Alliance…I have a fun installation in the front room on the first floor :) Woo!


Loving painted stairs lately, although not sure about the numbers…great inspiration for adding a little something extra though, maybe a monogram or a little fleur de lis? Cute idea!


Welcome to Philly! Reading Terminal Market was wall-to-wall yesterday with ladies going crazy for the flower show.


Oh what a fun picture! I don’t know if I could pull it off in my house – but I LOVE that she pulled it off in hers:)



It’s a fun idea! I like the look of painting a ‘rug’ down the center of the stairs especially. Have a great weekend! Trina

Lane Tynan

This is one of our favorite sites personally and as a creative team. The numbered stair shot really made us smile. Ever get tired of the numbers you can always change it out to words of wisdom! Keep it up.

Emily F

While you’re in Philly, you should stop by Walnut Bridge Coffee House. It’s owners, Edna, the pastry guru, and Mike, the mixologist, are an incredibly sweet couple. Edna makes all of the pastries in shop and Mike is always coming up with new and improved (and delicious) coffee drinks. If nothing else, go for the selection of unique chocolates they travel far and wide to find. Enjoy!



I always count the steps of stairs as I walk them, and I guess I wouldn’t have to with this one! Very cute!

Also, I’m a fan of hockey and a new Ranger/ex Shark. Jody Shelley is awesome, I can just see him fighting now…

Ann Arbor

Happy Friday to you too! Are those stairs metaphorical maybe? Count your steps to the weekend? haha, just trying to appease the dislikes from earlier comments.


I love these numbered stairs! If I didn’t live in a one-story house, it would probably be my weekend project!


I just stumbled across this blog via Cupcakes and Cashmere and can’t believe I haven’t heard of it before. I’m glad I finally did discover you because the design, content, and photos are simply amazing. Keep up the incredible work.


I’m liking these yellow stairs they are not for everyone they are different but I like them.


i completely agree – TGIF!!!

i love the sunny, mustard yellow paint – especially with today’s winter weather!


Very fun idea. It definitely made me smile. I love the sunshine yellow too…it would make those annoying trips up and down the stairs much more fun!

Jack O'Sullivan

I love that idea! Seriously most beautiful color!
Jack O’Sullivan


I count as i go upstairs anyway, so good idea. for that matter i count when i take a step. i think it’s cool.


I love those stairs – especially good for us weirdos who like to count the stairs sometimes! (please tell me other people do this as they go up or down – just occasionally?!)


Not sure if those numbered stairs would be good for my OCD counting issues, lol

Jennifer Squires Ross

The steps remind me of a trip I took to Santorini, Greece. The island is full of stairs and there is one set that is numbered, something in the neighbourhood of 600…

Amish Furnitre

Looove the Philly Flower Show. Used to go almost every year. I really like the numbered stairs, too. Even if you didn’t have kids, it would still be kind of fun. Maybe it’s because I quietly count stairs anytime I’m walking up or down them.