weekly wrap up + mini moderns wallpaper

ac and i are heading up to boston this weekend so i’m going to skip out a little early today to get packed and ready. before i leave i wanted to share these colorful new wallpapers from mini moderns. this new folk and psychedelic rock-inspired collection has a sunny west coast feel and features four new wallpaper designs (‘pet sounds’ and ‘alice’, above and below, are my favs) along with coordinating cushions and a brand new mug collection. click here for more information on mini moderns and to place an order.

that’s it for me- i’ll see you all on monday! i hope you have a wonderful weekend and check out the summary of this week’s highlights below:

miriam dema

i really like that pet sounds theme but i can’t find it on their website!


I cant find the orange/cream guitar paper on their site, either. :(


Love the pet sounds and the yellow floral but cannot find either on their website?


love the folky, ’70s feel to these colors and patterns. have fun in boston*


These are fabulous!! I love the floral ones the most… can’t pick which color I like best, though, since I’m a big fan of green AND blue. Hmm..


The wallpaper is beautiful… But I really want the clock in the photo of the yellow one!


Wow, so fantastic. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the first two. That pattern needs to be in my house STAT :)


A badger! You don’t often see a badger used in a design element. I like it.


Wow thanks for your comments pet sounds is so new and grace is so super ahead of everything we haven’t had tome to launch it on our site. It will be available in 4 weeks if you are interested email info@minimoderns.com

Keith at minimoderns


Love the wallpaper, but I want to know who makes that clock/calendar in the third picture? It looks amazing.


The clock/calender is a vintage piece – used in banks and building societies here in the UK during the 60’s and 70’s. I got it for my birthday sometime ago.



Hi Stacy
The teapot is so old neither Mark nor myself remember exactly where it came from – it is a 1960’s tea set

keith at Mini Moderns


I LOVE your choices- especially the first! Just subbed your blog because you have the most unique inspirations!


love that yellow wall paper pattern hope there may be a variety in its color


Hmm… Tose wallpapers are really fantastic! And here I thought I’m gonna paint my walls white :P