Viola and the Secret Basket

This is my daughter Viola, she turns five next summer. She is not much into toys.
I ,on the other hand, love toys and have tried several different approaches to get her interested.

But she loves to pretend and go into role play. Dress up like a king or a cat. This is what she looked like last Halloween.
She also likes to make plans, like trowing a party or packing for a picnic.
So I knew she was going to love this idea.

“A Secret Basket”
It is really easy.
Viola´s grandmother made her this basket, she is a very talented and crafty lady, but you could use any basket. Size or shape.

We bought some rope, screws and a pulley at the local hardwear store. Tied the rope to the basket and attached the pulley to a beem in the ceiling of her room.
You can use the same principal on a regular ceiling or outside in a tree.

Next time Viola is going to have a friend over she is going to prepare the basket with some snacks. And when her little friend is in the mood for a snack Viola will swing the secret basket down in a blink of an eye.
She can not wait.

This is the last guest blog post from me and Isabelle.
It has been fun. Have a nice weekend.
I hope you will come visit us at Dos Family
Hej Då!

CLICK HERE for more image’s of the secret basket after the jump!

Kim Mazey

Very fun idea. Reminded me of my childhood love of the Swiss Family Robinson’s treehouse and all their creative inventions.


The pictures are beautiful, but as the mother of a very active 6 year old girl, I’m concerned about the safety of a rope hanging in her room. Maybe I’m being over protective but this should be a supervised activity.

Jenny at Dos Family

Hey Marlene. I hear you. We did use short screws , that will brake if anything heavy pulls on it. It can only carry the weight of a couple of kilos.



Love this – I had a secret basket when I was a kid! I was raised by hippies though, so we called it “the basket of love.” My friends thought it was super cool, and we would spend hours ferrying goodies to each other via rope and pulley.


oh, this is so lovely — just the sort of thing i would have gone crazy for as a kid, either having one or being the friend suprised by it.


I love it, it’s very creative. Good job, and she’s plenty old enough to handle the rope safely. Speaking as a mom of three and a teacher.

I suppose we could supervise everything, and even banish jump ropes from child play. They’re ropes, after all.


Oh I love this! How precious is that basket! I am already scheming on how I can do this in my daughters’ bedroom. Lovely idea, and something the child will remember in adulthood…”…and I had this secret basket that I LOVED and spent HOURS playing with…..”


I heart dosfamily, yay!

I also heart what Jennifer said…it made me chuckle