under $100: mirrors

every other tuesday i like to pull together my favorite shopping sources and find some great products that are under $100. today i’m focusing on what has been one of the biggest requests i’ve been hearing lately: mirrors. so this afternoon i’ve rounded up 35 of my favorite styles (all reasonably priced)- i hope you’ll find one that fits your home. have any more budget-friendly roundup requests? feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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[images above, clockwise from top left: antiqued birdcage mirror $99 (love this!), turning square mirror $29.99, hummingbird mirror $34, apple acrylic mirror $50, vanna mirror $9.99, polaroid mirror $18, lily fleur mirror $38, lattice mirror $119 (this goes a tad over, but is so cute it’s worth the extra jackson), figgjo mirror $20, antiqued mirror sconce $49, mandal mirror $29.99, oval stand vanity mirror $24, galaxy mirror $88, areaware mirror $75]

[images above, clockwise from top left: mirror with chain $119 (sorry, this goes a tad bit over but i love it!), rosewood mirror trays $44+, audrey mirror $99+, spoke mirror $59.95]

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[images above, clockwise from top left: antiqued bird cage mirror (love this!) $99, eleanor mirrors $79+, spy mirror $69.95, clarissa votive mirror $39]

[images above, clockwise from top left: petite shell mirrors $15-$20, smooch mirror $96, mirrored jewelry cage at urban outfitters (on sale at store $30), convex wall mirror $99]

[images above, clockwise from top left: nina mirrors $69+, ornate edge mirror $59.99, set of 5 mirrors $59.95, set of 3 wall mirrors $99.97]

[images above, clockwise from top left: cross mirrors $49 each, mirrored sconce $29.99, vintage tile mirror $99.99, sunburst wall mirror $35]

[images above, left to right: lynn oval mirror $79.99, set of 4 mirrors $69.99]

Kay Wade

Mirrors are a great way to open a space up and add a bit of style. It doesnt have to cost alot of money to do that! I often add mirrors to closets especially when they are narrow, it always makes them feel larger.

Newly Domesticated

i’ve been looking for interesting mirrors to put up behind our couch. I LOVE the Urban Outfitters and the Ballard ones. You read my mind.


Wonderful selection! Its always hard to find good ones that are large for under $100, thanks for the tips.


Love all your mirror choices!! Any chance you might tell me what lovely font you used to say “Under $100 Mirrors” ?? I need it! :)


hi sally!

i don’t remember the name off hand but it’s from veer.com :)


Richard Rothstein

@Kay Wade – closets and narrow hallways too — not only do mirrors make small spaces larger, they reflect light, so make them brighter!

Before hanging in place, have someone stand and hold so that you can see what’s reflected from all angles.

Erin A.

Beautiful mirrors! It is the easiest design trick in the book to make a room appear brighter and larger!


well ornamented mirror help to dress up and to decorate the simple and bland walls as well.

Julie K

Better idea: go to a vintage store. I’ve bought amazing mirrors in mpls, none over $70

amy marie

hello! i have suggestion for a possible topic, i’m in the middle of giving my bedroom a makeover and was interested in adding some fake plants (trust me, real ones will die) which i am hoping will add a nice homey touch. but im not sure where one goes to get good looking fake plants that don’t look too fake….suggestions? thanks! love this blog so much, keeps me inspired and excited!


Is the mirrored jewelry cage actually from Urban Outfitter? I can’t find it at their site and the DS link only goes to the UO homepage :(

Frankie Gayk

Thanks for these ideas they’ve been very helpful! I’ve been looking all over for a nice inexpensive decorative mirror and I’ve had no luck until now thanks again :)