under $100: jewelry storage

one of the roundup requests i’ve been hearing the most is one i’ve needed most in my own personal life: jewelry storage. i don’t have a ton of jewelry, but the pieces i do have, i cherish deeply. so it’s sort of a crime that i leave them laying on top of my dresser in a pile. i know, bad idea. so i was happy to take on this week’s under $100 roundup of jewelry storage ideas. i tried to include a wide range of ideas, including boxes, hanging devices, ring holders, and travel options. when i edited it down to my favorites i was left with over 50 great options for keeping your favorite jewelry organized. i hope you’ll like the picks and can find something for your dresser. happy jewelry organizing!

[image above, clockwise from top left: astrology jewelry stand $18, stardust jewelry box $44, medina boxes $82-$98, glove mold $24.95 (for hanging jewelry), faceted ring dish $8, blue book boxes $49, guppy ring dish $18, french envelope box $22, eye box $15, cherry jewelry box $95, branch hanger $20, stardust jewelry box $48, birch boxes $29.95, jewelry stand $32]

[image above, clockwise from top left: jewelry stand $42, bristol valet $24.99, branch jewelry stand $28, specimen boxes $42 each, butterfly trinket box $16, orange leather jewelry case $85.99, sunburst jewelry stand $14, store all swivel box $30, mirrored jewelry box $38, glass jewelry stand hand $14, zuma green jewelry box $15, mien box $7.99]

[image above, clockwise from top left: japon jewelry box $85, mushroom boxes $27+, log boxes $22+]

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[image above, clockwise from top left: medallion jewelry box $49+, sea urchin jewelry box $25, handmade monogrammed silk jewelry roll $21.99]

[image above, clockwise from top left: handcrafted jewelry box $45, bird ring dish $30, enzo star boxes $70 for 3, wing jewelry dish $40]

[image above, clockwise from top left: suitcase jewelry storage $49, engravable silver-plated jewelry boxes $30+, mckenna jewelry box $99, iron jewelry stand $59 ]

[image above: handmade kai no kuchi fabric jewelry boxes at etsy $10 each]

[image above, clockwise from top left: jewelry display frames $29+, light years jewelry box $40, chiseled ikat jewelry box $50, sea swells jewelry box $19.95]

[image above, clockwise from top left: pivoting trays $19.99+, pink jewelry case $90, mirrored jewelry box $69, book boxes $22-$25, spinette box $14.99, kbox modular box $22+]


you need to do one for luggage! it probably won’t be able to stay under $100 but it’s so difficult to find cute luggage these days – especially for a broke college student! :)


Those jewelry display frames — what a great idea! I’m thinking a DIY…


Recently I freaked out about my jewelry being so tangled and messy (it was preventing me from bothering with accessorizing my outfits!) and decided to overhaul.
– I banged a few nails into the brick wall above my desk for delicate necklaces (prone to tangling)
– Put chunkier necklaces and ones I don’t wear as frequently in my jewelry boxes
– Cleared part of my bulletin board to hang my earrings! They fit into the cork just like a tack would.

It’s worked great so far!


These are lovely! A really nice jewelry box is something that could easily become an heirloom piece in your family. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a nice one =)

For necklaces though, I really wanted something to display mine so I could find them easily, but most necklace holders seem so clunky and take up desk space, so I ended up making my own out of cardboard and bobby-pins! I think it turned out as cute as anything I could’ve bought! You can see it here:

melina bee

too much pretty stuff for one page!!! I am currently trying to reduce the amount of stuff in my house but these images make that hard to do! I love love the eye box and guppy ring holder especially. melina bee


Beware of that mirrored jewelry box in the first set. I know someone who bought it, had it shipped and it was in pieces when she got it. She then broke one accidentally in Urban Outfitters and couldn’t find one that wasn’t broken.


Love this roundup, really well done, so much variety! I have some jewelry storage pieces that I don’t put anything in, I just love having the cute items on my dresser. :) Thanks for these, I think the wing one is my fav and what a reasonable price!


Thanks for this post, just great! That blue hand is phenomenal and the open mouthed fish!!! Awesome:)

chelsy anne

*Note to all women who own sterling silver… If you keep your silver jewellery in tiny zip lock bags then they don’t tarnish. I wish I had known this fact earlier then I wouldn’t have been constantly replacing polishing cloths.


This post with all its fabulosity comes at the perfect time. I have an amazing pale-blue leather jewelry box my husband gave me a few years ago, but I’m really outgrowing it, and that orange jewelry train case looks too good to be true.


I’ve made an earring frame before, I think it looked better than my earrings! I like the grouping though, never thought of it for necklaces as well. Although, I love the thought of a graceful branch to hang jewelry from. I hate boxing up my jewels because then I never wear them!


Very nice options. I have a ton of jewelry, and I loved the frame displays. I will definitely make it a diy project. thanks.


Wow! You always pick out the most gorgeous designs! So many beautiful choices! I am *so* buying the japon jewelry box in green! LOVE IT!


lovely, lovely, lovely. The only thing I would have added are a fwe vintage (or vintage inspired) multiple-tiered lazy susans. I plan on scouring the flea markets this summer to find one.

Deborah Flanagan

So many GREAT ideas. I like to give a ring holder as an engagement gift. I use a “branch” on my dresser. Thanks for all the ideas. Great post.


Great finds! I kept my jewelry on my vanity until I realized by two cats (boys) were playing football with them!


Lovely! The one I like the most seems to have the wrong link attached, though: it’s the golden three-tiered one in the first picture. Where can I find it?


nevermind, forget the post – urban outfitters…. sorry!


I really love your selection of jewelry boxes, it inspires me a lot! I actually draw small furniture dedicated to jewelry and other fonctions. I work with a friend who make the furniture (100% handmade!) from the drawings. You can have a look at our website if you want :

I would be pleased to have your opinion on our work.

Samantha Lewis

love these posts….how’s about a bird house/ bird feeders post?! Its spring and my husband hangs the ugliest bird feeder outside.


I Love all these ideas! I have a great necklace display. I went to Ikea to their organizing dept. and bought a simple bar with hooks that can be added. I hang all my necklaces on the hooks. It has worked great! And, I love that I can see all my stuff at once.


I love small containers of all types, thanks for a great collection.
Kai no kuchi fabric boxes and the luggage are my favs.


I’ve been meaning to find something to store my jewelry for more than a year, so this post really hit the spot for me. Just ordered the the tree branch post! Thank you!


you can get those birch jewelery boxes at the dollar store as well very cheap.


Oh, what a fantastic post! I have lots of baubles, and I also MAKE jewelry, and I’m always looking for various ways to showcase stuff.

Thanks for a fantastic, inspiring roundup!!


How did you know I was on the hunt for jewelry stands? I’m only sorry I didn’t keep up with my blog reading and didn’t catch this sooner!

Mark Grogan

Not that I have a lot of jewellery but my mum back in Illawarra does. However being a bit more practical, she tends to keep her more important and valuable stuff locked up in storage with the bank rather than at home.


Love these ideas. I’ve previously pinned some of these before!